One "Worst Player In NFL History" Is Volcanically Pissed About Being A…

Jeff Pearlman's massive list of football putridity has provoked an emotional reaction from Detroit Lions' safety, C.C. Brown, who was selected as the 90th worst player. He was not pleased with his ranking. In fact, he went completely berserk. . » 11/18/10 9:20pm 11/18/10 9:20pm

You Tell Us: Who Are The Worst Players In NFL History?

Now that you've read Jeff Pearlman's two-parter on the NFL's worst players, head on over to #theworstever and share your own thoughts, lists, Rashaan Salaam memories, etc. » 11/16/10 4:51pm 11/16/10 4:51pm

The Bottom 100: The Worst Players In NFL History (Part 1)

The NFL Network recently compiled a list of the 100 best players in NFL history, as selected by a blue-ribbon panel. This is not that list. Part 1 is below. Part 2 is here. Share your own list at #theworstever. » 11/16/10 12:30pm 11/16/10 12:30pm