The Trouble With ESPN's Big Johnny Football Story

The most interesting passage in Wright Thompson's new and much-discussed profile of minor league football player Johnny Manziel comes about three-quarters of the way into the story, which is long and rich with detail, so that you could forgive a reader whose eye ran past it. At this point in the piece, Manziel's… » 7/31/13 1:45pm 7/31/13 1:45pm

Elaine's Was A Dump, Or The Grantland Fallacy

ESPN's Professional Southerner Wright Thompson used his space in Grantland to write a loving meditation on Elaine's, the now-defunct bad New York restaurant mainly known to people under 45 as a Billy Joel lyric. This made Thompson at least the third member of his little circle of sportswriting buddies to get misty… » 6/13/11 2:50pm 6/13/11 2:50pm