No One Loves Anything More Than This Ballboy Loves His Soccer Team

Salutations, my savages. What we have here is a match between Wycombe and Dag & Red in England’s League Two. It finished 1-1, and appeared to have been a hard-fought, good and fun contest between two bad and earnest teams. But that’s not why we have gathered around this blog on this wonderful day. »8/24/15 12:25pm8/24/15 12:25pm


Soccer Fan Runs Onto Field, Makes Terrible Attempt At Tackling Goalie

This happened during today's League Two match between Gillingham and Wycombe. Jordan Archer, the keeper for Wycombe, had just been given a yellow card for time wasting, an infraction which seems to have upset one crazy Gillingham fan. The fan decides to run onto the field and hit Archer with a poorly executed tackle… »2/04/13 5:35pm2/04/13 5:35pm