ESPN X Games Memo Asks Staffers To Work For Free And Not Make Fun Of Brazilian People

ESPN's X Games are slouching toward Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil, the first of three new international host cities, where competition begins next week and where staffers are arriving to find that their mellows have already been thoroughly harshed. It seems that money is tight in this corner of the $40 billion empire—tight… »4/08/13 12:34pm4/08/13 12:34pm

ESPN Is Canceling Two Best-Trick Competitions At The X Games; Does That Have Anything To Do With An Upcoming Real Sports Segment?

ESPN announced last night that it will no longer host a pair of best-trick competitions at the X Games: the Moto X best trick and the snowmobile best trick. ESPN is citing safety reasons and insists that it doesn't have anything to do with Caleb Moore, the snowmobiler who died a week after his crash in an X Games… »3/13/13 4:40pm3/13/13 4:40pm

Caleb Moore Has Died From Injuries Suffered In His X Games Snowmobile Crash

Snowmobiler Caleb Moore died this morning, a week after crashing his Snowmobile during the freestyle finals at the X Games in Aspen. Moore under-rotated on a backflip, and slammed his head into the ground as his snowmobile rolled over him. The 25-year-old was airlifted to the hospital, where he underwent surgery for… »1/31/13 1:23pm1/31/13 1:23pm

In Least-Professional Broadcast Ever, ESPN Announcers Mock Wrecked Rallycross Driver As He's Taken To Hospital

ESPN's live broadcast of the Global Rallycross event in Las Vegas Saturday night turned bizarre as the feed—being recorded for later tape-delayed broadcast—revealed a series of bizarre comments by announcers in the aftermath of a driver's devastating accident. »10/01/12 3:20pm10/01/12 3:20pm

Clinton Moore's Wreck On A Failed Moto X 720 Was Bad Enough; Then Some Guy Picked Up His Bike And Ran Him Over With It

The X Games are underway—you knew they were underway, right?—and last night's competition in Los Angeles proved worth watching, as Ronnie Renner and Matt Buyten waged a historic battle in the Step Up competition (one finally won by Renner with a 47-foot high jump) and then a Best Trick final filled with as much… »6/30/12 2:00pm6/30/12 2:00pm

US Skier Claims She Was Disqualified From The X-Games For Sarah Burke Tribute [UPDATE]

Langely McNeal is a US skier competing in this year's X-Games. Earlier today, she posted a status update on her facebook page indicating that she had been disqualified from the Women's Skier X final as a result of the French team protesting a Sarah Burke band around her thigh and a hair tie around her boot. »1/29/12 9:01pm1/29/12 9:01pm

The Highlight Reel From This Women's Motocross Event Contains The Saddest Highlights Of All Time

Let's go ahead and ignore the slew of kitchen jokes that everyone has already made over on YouTube and admit that we have never attempted to ride on a motocross course, let alone in the "Moto Enduro X," the new X-Games event that struggled its way to completion last night in Los Angeles. For all we know, then, the… »8/01/11 3:55pm8/01/11 3:55pm

ESPN Interview With Skateboarder Carries On Despite Possible Abduction Of Child

Last week an ESPN crew interviewed Nyjah Huston, a 16-year-old skateboarder from Davis, Calif., to talk about his preparations and expectations for this year's X-Games. Huston's interview is nothing riveting — "um, yeah, like, gonna be sick, like, you know?" — and his cause isn't helped at all by the strange… »7/27/11 2:25pm7/27/11 2:25pm