Henry Family Reminds Everyone Who's The Boss

Carl Henry was not happy about that article that seemed to suggest he was a arrogant basketball father on a power trip, so he responded in the only way that made sense—by pulling an arrogant power trip. » 7/01/09 10:15am 7/01/09 10:15am

Henry Boys Not Making A Lot Of Friends At Kansas

This story about hoop brothers Xavier and C.J. Henry—and their mastermind father, Carl—is pretty much everything you need to understand about the modern world of college basketball. Try not to let that fact stop you from reading it. » 6/30/09 1:50pm 6/30/09 1:50pm

Even Kansas Is Somehow Benefiting From John Calipari's Move

The Henry brothers—high school senior Xavier and his Memphis Tiger sibling, C.J.—are both enrolling at Kansas. (Sources say!) Way to kick a Door when it's down. [Fox, via RTC; more @ SI] » 4/22/09 3:45pm 4/22/09 3:45pm