Report: Yadier Molina Will Be Fined, Not Suspended, For Pushing Umpire

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina will be fined, but not suspended, for pushing an umpire in Game 1 of the Cardinals series against the Dodgers, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. Leading off the bottom of the third inning, Yasiel Puig was nailed in the back by Adam Wainright. Adrian Gonzalez took… »10/06/14 8:33pm10/06/14 8:33pm


Yadier Molina Involved In Another Close Play At The Plate

David Ross was called out on this play and maybe he was. Ross didn't argue the call. It's also possible that he eluded Yadier Molina's glove and snuck his hand in and touched the plate before running into the glove. What is indisputable is that Molina has once again found himself the beneficiary of a close call at… »10/28/13 10:34pm10/28/13 10:34pm

Bachelor Contestant Has Laugh About Yadi Molina Cancer Sign

Every year the World Series sets aside a few minutes to recognize the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Stand Up To Cancer program, inviting players, coaches, umpires, and fans to write the name of someone affected by the disease on a sign and hold it before TV cameras. A few fans tonight decided to make a mockery… »10/27/13 11:18pm10/27/13 11:18pm

Yadier Molina Held Onto This Ball Like "A Man," According To Suddenly Unpopular MLB Employee

Normally, this would be about Josh Harrison absolutely destroying Yadier Molina at the plate during tonight's Pirates-Cardinals game. But, well, the person running MLB's Twitter feed is just so goddamn impressed with Molina's skill at holding onto a ball, in a play that forced the catcher to leave the game as a… »8/28/12 8:44pm8/28/12 8:44pm