Casting True Yankees Fans: Wall Street Guys, The Working Man, Hipsters

A tipster who has access to these sorts of things passed along a casting call today for an AT&T commercial saluting the fine career of Mariano Rivera. (Mo, if you're reading, we apologize for spoiling the surprise.) The memo explains exactly who is a true Yankee fan, by central casting's lights. They wrote, "We are… »5/31/13 1:15pm5/31/13 1:15pm


Rays Fan, A Lawyer, Ejected For Wearing A "Yankees Suck" T-Shirt, Surely Won't Pursue Any Legal Recompense

This is a story about Melvin H. Little, a Tampa Bay Rays $20,000-a-year season-ticket holder from way back when they still had Devil in their names, taking his two sons to a ballgame the other night. They had good seats, about 10 rows behind the plate. He sported a "Yankees Suck" T-shirt because, well, duh. »5/26/11 9:15pm5/26/11 9:15pm