'Roids For The Sake Of The Ladies

Our biggest belly laugh of the weekend comes from the mad geniuses at Yard Work, who reacted to the news of Single A pitcher Matthew Varner being suspended 50 games for steroids with a brilliant mock column from Varner explaining why he used steroids. » 4/24/06 3:45pm 4/24/06 3:45pm

Theo Epstein Is STOKED, Dude!

We admire Theo Epstein as much as anyone — OK, maybe a little less — but secretly we've always kind of suspected that, for all the Yale and sabremetrics and what-not, he's pretty much just a big dumb likable Boston frat guy like pretty much everybody else our age we run into while out in Boston. (Don't hate! Not an… » 11/18/05 11:35am 11/18/05 11:35am

More "Colbert Report" Than "After M*A*S*H*"

It is with much glee that we point out that the mad scientists at Yard Work — the brilliant satirical site featuring mock columns from ESPN luminaries, along with Rickey Henderson, Ozzie Guillen and countless others — have launched their first spinoff site: the affectionately named Hard Wood, which promises to bring… » 10/27/05 5:00pm 10/27/05 5:00pm

That Taste? It's Veggie Deep Dish

In the best response we've seen yet to FOX broadcaster Tim McCarver's ultimate foot-in-mouth moment last evening, the mad, depraved geniuses at Yard Work put on their miner's helmets to figure out what, exactly, that taste was in Brad Lidge's mouth that McCarver declared "not there." » 10/24/05 4:18pm 10/24/05 4:18pm

America, Meet Ozzie Guillen

We know FOX is disappointed that neither the Red Sox nor the Yankees are in the championship series for only the second time in eight years, but that's no reason for anyone to fret. As we've mentioned before, we couldn't possibly be more excited that White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is going to have primo prime-time… » 10/11/05 11:50am 10/11/05 11:50am

Rickey's Gonna Do What Rickey's Gonna Do

Great, great, great news: Rickey Henderson could finally make it back to the majors. It might not necessarily be in the way we'd prefer — we'd like to see Rickey a top some sort of wild animal, an elephant or giraffe maybe, as the United Nations holds a special session up in a skybox in his honor; oh, and we'd also… » 9/22/05 1:08pm 9/22/05 1:08pm

Fun With Yard Work!

We are far from the first people to scream the genius of Yard Work, but we still kinda want to be the ones who do it the loudest. Calling the site "satirical" isn't doing it justice; the site is brilliant in mad, somewhat terrifying ways. (We were unable to read this week's story about Rickey Henderson in The New… » 9/09/05 2:35pm 9/09/05 2:35pm