Theo Epstein Is STOKED, Dude!

We admire Theo Epstein as much as anyone — OK, maybe a little less — but secretly we've always kind of suspected that, for all the Yale and sabremetrics and what-not, he's pretty much just a big dumb likable Boston frat guy like pretty much everybody else our age we run into while out in Boston. (Don't hate! Not an…

America, Meet Ozzie Guillen

We know FOX is disappointed that neither the Red Sox nor the Yankees are in the championship series for only the second time in eight years, but that's no reason for anyone to fret. As we've mentioned before, we couldn't possibly be more excited that White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is going to have primo prime-time…

Fun With Yard Work!

We are far from the first people to scream the genius of Yard Work, but we still kinda want to be the ones who do it the loudest. Calling the site "satirical" isn't doing it justice; the site is brilliant in mad, somewhat terrifying ways. (We were unable to read this week's story about Rickey Henderson in The New