Dumb Question About Derek Jeter Drives Radio Host To Breaking Point

This is Bruce Drennan, a Cleveland sportscaster who hosts a call-in radio show called All Bets Are Off. During yesterday's show, a guy—a plant? an actual yokel?—called in and asked Drennan if he thought there was any chance that Derek Jeter might end up on the Indians. Much exasperation ensued, as did a mock… » 4/01/14 2:19pm 4/01/14 2:19pm

America's Baseball Writers Mourn The Passing Of Derek Jeter

Like the rest of us, America's baseball writers were surprised when New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter took to Facebook yesterday to announce his retirement. Unlike the rest of us, many of them seem to have been so surprised that they mistook his retirement for his death, and wrote obituaries. Here are some of those… » 2/13/14 1:38pm 2/13/14 1:38pm