Ballers Shows Us How Boring (And Lethal) The NFL Really Is

That the season premiere of Ballers, HBO’s new semi-comedy about life in and around the NFL planetary system, turns out so predictably says something about how joyless those involved with professional football truly believe it to be. The show has the bones of a slogging 60-minute drama cut down to 30, which puts a… » 6/22/15 3:59pm 6/22/15 3:59pm

YES Network Host Bob Lorenz Arrested On DUI Charges, Allegedly Found Slumped Over Steering Wheel At Stop Sign

Bob Lorenz isn't currently a star on the Yankees' broadcast arm, the YES Network. (He does lots of solid studio work.) And judging from what police allege happened early this morning in Westport, Connecticut, Lorenz won't become a star at YES anytime soon. » 2/08/12 10:58pm 2/08/12 10:58pm