The Pittsburgh Pirates Should Be America's Team This Season 

There’s nothing America loves more than a winner who has suffered and, Lord knows, the Pittsburgh Pirates have suffered. Twenty losing seasons in a row. The Pittsburgh drug trials. The cobbled-together public ownership that ended up $22 million in debt. Talented player after talented player leaving town as fast as he… »4/03/15 3:34pm4/03/15 3:34pm


Pennsylvania Man Filed Motion Against NFL To Put Steelers In Playoffs

Daniel Spuck felt that his Pittsburgh Steelers were screwed out of a playoff spot after officials overseeing the Chiefs-Chargers game didn't call a penalty that would have handed San Diego the likely loss, thereby giving the Steelers the final AFC postseason berth. Spuck took this bold stance against Roger Goodell… »1/09/14 8:15pm1/09/14 8:15pm

Andrew McCutchen Is An MVP (And The Pirates Are No Longer Jagoffs)

Andrew McCutchen was just named the MVP of the National League. And after two decades as a sad punchline, the Pittsburgh Pirates were a playoff team. The Buccos' immediate future looks promising, in no small part because they made sure to lock McCutchen into a long-term contract just as his star began to burn bright.… »11/14/13 7:01pm11/14/13 7:01pm

Pittsburgh Fan With Sign Sculpted Into His Body Hair Invades D.C.

This just in to Yinzerspin. Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington spotted this guy a few minutes ago at Nationals Park, where the Pirates are getting set to play the Nats in about 30 minutes. Is this the same jagoff who shaved something similar into his body hair at a Penguins playoff game a few months back? Someone else… »7/22/13 6:33pm7/22/13 6:33pm

Hey, It's Mike Tomlin And Some Tattooed Woman On The Hood Of A Car

My goodness, the unbridled Yinzerness of this image. The Steelers' coach, wearing a Steelers cap, on the hood of a convertible outside some dive bar, in the arms of a smiling woman who looks like she never wants to let go. There's even a guy wearing jorts cargo shorts in the background. To borrow one of Tomlin's… »7/22/13 12:42pm7/22/13 12:42pm

Steve From Greenfield Is Loaded And Would Like To Chat About The Steelers' QB Situation

Last night, Chris Mueller (on 93.7 FM from 10 p.m.—2 a.m.) provided a little insight, which you can see above, into what it's like working the telephones for a light night Pittsburgh-area sports radio call-in show. We may try to get the audio, or we may just let this one float around in all of our imaginations. Salute… »12/15/12 12:50pm12/15/12 12:50pm

This Is Now The Pittsburgh Pirates' Worst Season Ever

There was Pat Meares, and there was Operation Shutdown. There were those 100 losses in 2001, the year PNC Park opened. There was whatever they did to mess up Oliver Perez. There was that lost Saturday night in Anaheim in '07, when Ian Snell just couldn't take it anymore. And there was last year's 19-43 swoon that was… »9/13/12 2:50pm9/13/12 2:50pm

How Andrew McCutchen Became A Star And Redeemed Two Decades Of Pittsburgh Jagoffery

This is how Andrew McCutchen watched at least one of the MLB playoff games at home on television last fall: He stood up, assumed his batting stance, and timed his swing to the pitches as he saw them on the screen. McCutchen later shared this story with his agent, Steve Hammond, who could only laugh. »7/24/12 1:35pm7/24/12 1:35pm

This Is What Trying To Drive A Golf Cart Along A Highway After A Wedding Reception Looks Like

You know how this goes: The reception's over and everyone in the wedding party is slowly but surely getting their shit together to get on the hotel shuttle, where the party will likely continue. But Saturday night, just south of Pittsburgh, a couple of Yinzers had other ideas. »6/06/12 10:45am6/06/12 10:45am

Pirates' Flagship Radio Station Has Instructed Its Sports-Talk Hosts Not To Discuss Team President's DUI [UPDATE]

Put aside the fact that Frank Coonelly, the president of the Pittsburgh Pirates, was cited for DUI just before Christmas, only to have the news of it finally see the light of day today. The Pittsburgh sports-talk station that reached an agreement in September to broadcast the Pirates' games has now told its hosts they… »2/23/12 8:35pm2/23/12 8:35pm

The Pirates' Twitter Police Couldn't Stop Some Jagoff From Posting This Drunken Photo On The Team's Official Feed

The above photo is of Greg Brown and Steve Blass (yes, that Steve Blass), two members of the Pittsburgh Pirates' broadcast team. On its own, the photo is not that big of a deal: Two drunken idiots mugging for a camera on a golf course, sort of like A.J. when he visits his old man. Ah, but someone—it is not known… »10/21/11 5:30pm10/21/11 5:30pm

The Losingest Losers Extend Their String of Losing Seasons

Today's 3-2 loss to the Cardinals before an announced crowd of 12,520 at PNC Park was No. 82 on the season for The Pittsburgh Baseball Club, thus extending the longest streak of consecutive losing seasons in the history of North American sports. I could have sworn the Bucs were in first place as late as July 25. But… »9/14/11 5:05pm9/14/11 5:05pm