Yorvit Torrealba Receives 66-Game Suspension For Slugging A Venezuelan League Umpire

The Rangers catcher's physically expressed frustration at a prior strike call earned him 66 games in Venezuelan winter ball, which is the rest of this season and all of next. We wonder how broken up he is about it, considering his son was kidnapped in his home country a few years back, and the worst thing he's ever… »12/26/11 3:00pm12/26/11 3:00pm


Yorvit Torrealba Spread The Holiday Spirit By Slugging A Venezuelan League Umpire

Rangers catcher Yorvit Torrealba is spending the offseason playing for his hometown Leones del Caracas of the Venezuelan League, and after missing badly for strike three took his frustrations out on the umpire in an ugly way. It was, if my Spanish is correct, one of two attacks on the home plate umpire in the game. »12/23/11 7:42pm12/23/11 7:42pm