One-Handed Florida Freshman Makes College Basketball Debut

Zach Hodskins is a walk-on freshman basketball player at Florida, and he made his season debut in the final two minutes of last night's season-opening 68-45 blowout of William & Mary. Nothing in that previous sentence is all that out of the ordinary, but this is: Zach Hodskins only has one hand. The above video‚Ķ » 11/15/14 1:40pm 11/15/14 1:40pm

One-Armed Basketball Player Commits To Florida

Zach Hodskins is a 6-foot-4, 200-pound high school senior from Milton, Ga. He played well enough on the AAU circuit last summer to get attention from several major college basketball programs. Saturday, Hodskins made a verbal commitment to play for Florida. He also was born with no left arm below the elbow. » 10/21/13 5:53pm 10/21/13 5:53pm