One Of Bernie Fine's Accusers Says More About His Made-Up Allegation; ESPN's Mark Schwarz Looks Even Worse Now

Back in January, once portions of his story began not adding up, Zach Tomaselli admitted he had lied about allegations that former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine sexually abused him. That Tomaselli says so again in a televised report that aired this morning on CNY Central News is nothing new. But… »4/13/12 1:40pm4/13/12 1:40pm


Another One Of Bernie Fine's Accusers Now Says He Lied [UPDATE]

First, it was prison inmate Floyd VanHooser, the alleged fourth victim. Now, it's Zach Tomaselli, who had been the third man to come forward. Tomaselli told the Daily Orange, the Syracuse student newspaper, that he had doctored emails to bolster his claim that Fine, the former Syracuse basketball assistant coach, had… »1/20/12 3:40pm1/20/12 3:40pm