Soccer Ref Gets Trucked At The Point Of Convergence Between Two Sliding…

This is from today's Premier League game between Fulham FC and Wigan. Fulham won, the ref, Lee Probert, jokingly gave himself and red card, and Metro called it "the most exciting thing to happen in the opening 15 minutes of the match." Flopper. » 9/22/12 3:15pm 9/22/12 3:15pm

In This Case, The Zebra Is Not A Euphemism

A Pittsburg State football player will miss this season after a zebra bit him in the arm. Why was he near a zebra in Kansas? He was moving four of them to paint a fence. Damn zebras, man. [KC Star] » 7/22/09 11:45am 7/22/09 11:45am