Hulk Does It Again: Long-Range Strike Draws Zenit Even

Hulk goals lend themselves to hyperbole, and commentators already calling this ‘one of the greatest in Europa League history’ might be going a bit far. But still! This is Hulk, scoring a goal, and as we’ve learned through history that’s almost always a glorious thing. This one drew Zenit St. Petersburg even on… »4/23/15 4:44pm4/23/15 4:44pm

How Hulk Became The World's Most Underappreciated Superstar

If there's one good thing about the handful of great players plying their trade in Russia—and it would be the only good thing, mind you—it's that their home Champions League ties often start a few hours before the rest. That timeslot gives their abilities at least a modicum of the attention they deserve yet so often… »10/01/14 10:06am10/01/14 10:06am

Russian Soccer Fans Claim To Be Non-Racists In Letter That Is Totally Racist

Zenit St. Petersburg, one of the most successful teams in the Russian Premier League, recently signed two players of mixed ethnicity. Hulk, a forward from Brazil and Axel Witsel, a midfielder from Belgium, are the two darkest skinned players on the team. Landscrona, a fan club of the team, released a letter on its… »12/17/12 9:45am12/17/12 9:45am

Russia's Leading Scorer Tasered For Giving Jersey To A Fan, Then Police Deny It Ever Happened

Zenit St. Petersburg striker Danko Lazovic wanted to give some fans a meaningful souvenir—his shirt—after his team's 2-0 victory against FC Volga on Saturday. Instead, the Russian police decided to give him a meaningful burn on his side. Then they said it never happened, as you'll hear in the above video. »6/21/11 9:45pm6/21/11 9:45pm