Alabama Got Pumped For Tonight's BCS Championship Game By Watching Zero Dark Thirty

According to ESPN's Tom Rinaldi, Alabama players and coaches spent last night watching Zero Dark Thirty, the much anticipated film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. The movie doesn't come out until Friday, meaning that someone on the Alabama staff got their hands on an advanced copy. We're super jealous. »1/07/13 5:00pm1/07/13 5:00pm


A Suffocating Triumph: Zero Dark Thirty, Reviewed

1. I've always thought the best compliment you can give a movie is that, while it's playing, you forget not only that you are watching a movie, but also that you are a person with a life that was going on before the movie and will continue going on afterward. These are the transformative films, the ones that transportā€¦ »12/13/12 5:20pm12/13/12 5:20pm

The Late-October Best Picture Oscars Predictions You've Been Waiting For

Coverage of the Oscars has reached tail-wagging-dog proportions in recent years: Rather than an awards show looking back at a year of films and choosing the best of them, the Academy Awards have become the journey and the destination. Not only do movies exist solely to win Oscars, but there are whole squads of movieā€¦ »10/25/12 7:15pm10/25/12 7:15pm