Connnnnnnn! Star Trek Into Darkness, Reviewed.

1. I've never gotten the sense that J.J. Abrams really cares all that much about the Star Trek franchise. Abrams has said that he was far more into Star Wars—as any reasonable person would be—and that his first, well-received Star Trek was more about rebooting a franchise than any particular passion he had for the… » 5/14/13 6:03pm 5/14/13 6:03pm

A Movie About Books Made By People Who Don't Read Them. The Words,…

1. When my first book was published—and "published" is honestly being kind; it's probably more accurate to say it was "repeatedly photocopied"—perhaps the most common question family members asked me: So, are you going to go on Oprah? They were joking (I think), but something about their question was depressing. What… » 9/05/12 5:40pm 9/05/12 5:40pm