Mickey Duzyj is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn. The Detroit native's work has been featured in the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, ESPN, Esquire and Grantland.

Duzyj first garnered attention for a series of illustrations of Mike Tyson he did for sports clothing boutique No Mas. His subjects are varied, but Duzyj says he prefers his sports related work.

"Most of the work I get hired to do nowadays comes from personal sports projects that clients saw and liked," Duzyj said. "It's a rare privilege to work for people that encourage me to make the types of things for them that I'd otherwise be making for myself. I try not to take that for granted."

Duzyj was nice enough to share some of his work with Deadspin.

"I did a series of drawings about Mike Tyson for No Mas. A lot of people saw them."

"I did these portraits of Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden for the 25th anniversary of the '86 Mets Championship. The profiles tell the updated stories of their completely insane lives since 1986."

"I made a short film with Grantland and Victory Journal about an IT manager's perfect round of Putt-Putt golf."

"I designed the cover and endpapers of the third Grantland Quarterly. I know you guys don't like those books, but I do."

"I did a Patriot's Guide to the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, breaking down its history and what a sham it is that they forced Kobayashi out of the competition."

"I did a taxonomy of classic & ridiculous fist pumping styles in tennis for ESPN's Page 2."

"I designed a feature about Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez's harrowing defection from Cuba in 1997. If you don't know the story — that involves him stranded on a desert island for days with no food — you can read it at Victory Journal."

"I did the titles and animated sequences in ESPN's 30 for 30 about Bo Jackson."

"I drew Jerry Rice and his gaudy career stats (22,895 receiving yds!) for this winter's 'Nike Knows' campaign."