Davone Bess Tweets Picture Of Himself Completely Naked

Friday, Davone Bess was arrested after an altercation with a police officer at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, where it was reported he was "acting irrationally" and his pants were falling down. He then tweeted out a picture of himself standing in front of a mirror stark naked early Saturday morning. It's since been deleted, but you can see a screen capture below.

Davone Bess Tweets Picture Of Himself Completely NakedS

We also learned yesterday that Bess's family had him hospitalized against his will for similarly bizarre behavior in early 2013. Given the totality of the Bess-related news to come out the last few days, it's hard not to think something more than the typical athlete-tweets-embarrassing-picture story is going on with him.

h/t PFJ