These Two Fan-Art Tributes To Harold Ramis Are The Worst

We need to talk about Harold Ramis fan art.

The picture above is supposed to be a tribute to the recently deceased Harold Ramis. Here we see the ghost of Egon Spengler, Ramis's character from Ghostbusters, sharing what seems to be meant as a bittersweet goodbye with his former colleagues. But here's the thing: this picture is super fucked up. Egon is being sucked down into a ghost trap, essentially a portable prison for ghosts. It is not a place that ghosts want to be in, I don't think. You may recall Slimer being violently dragged into one by the combined power of the Ghostbusters' particle streams before being carried out of the hotel he was haunting like a common rodent. Why would the Ghostbusters put their friend in such a trap?

And then we have this picture:


These Two Fan-Art Tributes To Harold Ramis Are The Worst

OK, man, what the hell? We just went over the fact that the particle streams that the Ghostbusters fire out of their proton packs are powerful beams of colliding high-energy positrons, and are used to contain and hold ghosts in a way that is unpleasant for the ghosts. (As Egon himself once said, "The proton pack is not a toy.") And yet, here are the Ghostbusters—operating in Chicago, far from their New York base—blasting away at their dead friend with weapons powerful enough to initiate a "total protonic reversal" and unmake life at the speed of light. Also, that's not even Egon Spengler in the photo! That's Harold Ramis holding a groundhog, which I guess is some ham-fisted way of making reference to Groundhog Day.

These pictures should not exist.