Pau Gasol Needs To Be Rescued From The Lakers, And Sarah McLachlan Is Here To Help

Shit is getting bad for the Los Angeles Lakers. After losing to the Denver Nuggets at home last night, the Lakers' record now sits at 15-18. Furthermore, the locker room atmosphere appears to be getting more and more posionous each day. Dwight Howard is publicly complaining about the Lakers' inability to share the… »1/07/13 1:10pm1/07/13 1:10pm

The Spurs' Final Play Was Brilliant. The Lakers' Final Play Was A Hot Mess.

The Spurs' 84-82 win over the Lakers came down to a pair of plays in the waning seconds. San Antonio's relied on the element of surprise, an unlikely shooter, everyone knowing their roles. Los Angeles's consisted of Pau Gasol shooting a three. This is what happens when your respective court generals are Tim Duncan… »11/14/12 11:00am11/14/12 11:00am

Phil Jackson Thinks Andrew Bynum Ruined The Lakers' Mojo

Phil Jackson's legend was built on, in debatable proportions, his coaching and his career decisions. The man might be the best motivator in all the world, but he also knew enough to take over teams with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in their primes. To avoid diluting that legacy, Jackson adds another talent: the… »6/19/12 10:40am6/19/12 10:40am

Blake Griffin Put Pau Gasol In A Very Bad Place With This Vicious Dunk

Not many people had the chance to see this live, because the Lakers-Clippers game tipped off before the thrilling Thunder-Heat game in Miami had reached its conclusion. So here you are: devastation on a basketball floor as Blake Griffin puts back a miss over the head of Pau Gasol, which may or may not have been a… »4/04/12 11:38pm4/04/12 11:38pm