PGA Tour Denies Claim That Tiger Woods Failed A Drug Test

Tiger Woods isn't golfing. He's taking some time off to rest, to heal, and to work on his game. But according to one dude who probably doesn't know anything, it's all a coverup, and Woods is actually serving a secret Tour suspension for a failed drug test. Today, both the PGA Tour and Woods's agent flatly deny the… » 3/02/15 12:30pm 3/02/15 12:30pm

Tiger, What The Fuck, Man? 

Holy shit! This is Tiger Woods's third shot on the par-4 tenth (his first of the day) at the Farmers Insurance Open. Jesus Christ, he just bangs this thing like a railroad spike, less like a chip shot than Miguel Cabrera rocking a line drive up the third base line, or any Dwight Howard hook shot ever. » 2/05/15 3:46pm 2/05/15 3:46pm

Witness: Robert Allenby Hurt Himself After A Trip To The Strip Club

Professional golfer Robert Allenby's bizarre kidnapping story—the one in which he claims that he was kidnapped from a Honolulu wine bar, beaten, robbed, and then dumped in a park six miles away—keeps springing more leaks. » 1/22/15 12:32pm 1/22/15 12:32pm

Rory McIlroy: Tiger And Phil Are "Into The Back Nine Of Their Careers"

The Tour Championship begins today, and it's the first time since 1992 that neither Tiger Woods nor Phil Mickelson qualified. We are, by any reasonable observer, toward the tail-end of a generational torch-passing at the top. The world's No. 1 certainly qualifies as a reasonable observer. » 9/11/14 2:17pm 9/11/14 2:17pm

PGA Golfers Play Better When Paired With The Best Players

Are the top golfers in the world affected by the quality of their company? Do they lift their performance when they're paired with great players? You wouldn't immediately think so. After all, no golfer reaches the highest levels of the profession without having learned how to block out distractions and simply play… » 8/09/14 1:46pm 8/09/14 1:46pm

John Daly Shoots A 90, Continues To Give No Fucks

John Daly, professional golf's drunkest uncle, is 47 years old and still playing the game like someone who's there for the sunshine and the beer more than he is the actual golf. » 3/14/14 5:36pm 3/14/14 5:36pm

The PGA Tour's Non-Profit Status Is A Big Joke

Paula Lavigne of Outside The Lines has conducted a thorough investigation into the PGA Tour's status as a non-profit organization, and has found that the tour's commitment to charity is not nearly as strong as the suits at the PGA would like everyone to believe. » 12/13/13 2:22pm 12/13/13 2:22pm

Teenager Jordan Spieth Finally Wins PGA Tour Event

Here's something to remember if you played 18 this weekend: 19-year-old Jordan Spieth won his first PGA Tour event on Sunday, outlasting David Hearn and 2007 Masters champ Zach Johnson at the John Deere Classic. And it was arguably a long time coming for Spieth. (P.S.: You're so old.) » 7/14/13 8:22pm 7/14/13 8:22pm

Now Vijay Singh Is Suing The PGA Tour Because Of Deer Antler Spray

Deer antler spray may not be effective at delivering a growth hormone, but it does keep giving strength to dumb stories. » 5/09/13 2:03pm 5/09/13 2:03pm

Deer Antler Spray Panic: Vijay Singh Is Dumb, But He's Not A Doper

Vijay Singh admitted to using deer antler spray, a "supplement" containing the banned substance IGF-1. But deer antler spray is so ineffective at delivering IGF-1 that the PGA tour has decided not to punish him. This is almost more embarrassing for Singh: he may not be suspended, but he did get scammed. » 5/01/13 10:05am 5/01/13 10:05am

Phil Mickelson Came Thisclose To Shooting A 59 Today

This is sort of agonizing. On the last hole of the Phoenix Open today, this birdie putt lipped out for Phil Mickelson. Had he holed it, he would have shot a 59, which is golf's answer to baseball's .400, i.e. the outer bound of human ability. Only five golfers have shot a 59 on the PGA Tour. Mickelson said after his… » 1/31/13 4:06pm 1/31/13 4:06pm

Should Golf Be Allowed To Grow Up? The USGA Says No.

Let us, for a moment, discuss the intricacies of golf. Putting is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the game. One inch to the left, you win; one more to the right, you lose. Good putting requires an incredibly smooth stroke. In recent years, some players have started to use long putters—which they press to their… » 11/28/12 6:30pm 11/28/12 6:30pm

Pro Golfer Misses Cut, Vows To Have Sex With Wife

Kris Blanks is the 201st ranked player in the world and 121st in the FedEx Cup. On Thursday and Friday, Blanks participated in the John Deere Classic in Silvis, Illinois. He will not be playing today or tomorrow because he missed the cut by one measly stroke. » 7/14/12 12:15pm 7/14/12 12:15pm

Tiger Woods Says He Can Win Tournaments Into His 50s

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Tiger says his confidence is growing. » 5/23/12 5:40pm 5/23/12 5:40pm

PGA Tour Lawyers Try Really Hard To Scare Us Into Taking Down Their…

Way back in January we posted this low-quality video, filmed off some schmo's TV screen, of a sound guy tripping and falling as Ryuji Imada prepared for his drive. It was not the pinnacle of sports commentary, but it was a guy falling down, and I thought it was pretty funny. » 4/26/12 4:40pm 4/26/12 4:40pm

Happy New Year: There Is An American Ryder Cup Captain's Dick Shot For…

Somebody wake Dan Jenkins from his afternoon nap and fetch his slippers because there's a wayward PGA penis on the loose. Proud sportswriters, please test that 2011 resolution to ignore this type of tawdry checkbook journalism. » 1/03/11 7:00pm 1/03/11 7:00pm

Terrible Golfer Banned For Using Drugs To Enhance His Terrible…

Doug Barron, a 40-year-old veteran with zero PGA Tour wins, is the first golfer to be suspended under the tour's anti-doping policy. Now he will no longer terrorize the professional ranks with his massive 270-yard drives. » 11/03/09 12:45pm 11/03/09 12:45pm

Tiger Woods Owns The Biggest House On The Rich Side Of Town

If Forbes' calculations are correct, Tiger Woods' $10 million FedEx Cup victory pushes him over the one billion dollar mark in career earnings. And he's only 33! How is your 401k doing? [Forbes] » 9/30/09 3:30pm 9/30/09 3:30pm

Come For The Golf, Be Overcome By The Noxious Fumes

There's a good reason that Liberty National is the most expensive golf course ever built (and the most expensive to join.) It covers up a toxic waste dump! The radioactive sludge makes night golf so much easier! [Forbes] » 8/27/09 10:30am 8/27/09 10:30am

What A $500,000 Country Club Membership Buys You

A look inside Liberty National Golf Club, site of this week's PGA event, where members pay a $500,000 initiation fee plus $25,000 yearly dues to eat lunch in New Jersey. Ahh, that sweet-smelling Jersey breeze! [Star-Ledger] » 8/26/09 1:00pm 8/26/09 1:00pm