The Amazing MLB Payroll Graphic Gets An Update

Now that the winter meetings are over, Phil Roth has updated his excellent interactive payroll tool, which lets you explore the salary commitments of every MLB team from 1998 through 2024. That purple block you see above is $240 million worth of Robinson Cano, yours for just 10 flat payments of $24 million. » 12/26/13 10:51am 12/26/13 10:51am

Yankees Replace Robinson Cano With Carlos Beltran

The Yankees signed Carlos Beltran to a three-year, $45 million deal. Beltran, still willing to cut the Yankees a break, reportedly took $3 million less to sign with New York. In exchange, the Yankees had to budge from the two-year contract they preferred. Who knows if the Yankees are done; according to the Daily News » 12/07/13 11:49am 12/07/13 11:49am

Robinson Cano Gets $240 Million From Mariners, Surprises Everyone

Well, that wasn't supposed to happen. After just about every baseball writer working had written off the Seattle Mariners' chances of landing Robinson Cano, news broke this morning that the Mariners had scooped up the prize of the 2013 free agent class with a 10-year, $240 million deal. Based on my calculations, that… » 12/06/13 12:08pm 12/06/13 12:08pm

Reports: Mariners Break Off Talks With Robinson Cano

For all the talk about Jay Z's foray into the sports agent world, he hasn't been much more than a figurehead. But yesterday, for the first time I can remember, he actually took part in a negotiating session, a meeting with the Mariners on behalf of Robinson Cano. It seems to have gone poorly. » 12/06/13 9:17am 12/06/13 9:17am

Skylar Diggins Signs With Jay-Z's Sports Agency

Roc Nation Sports, Jay-Z's because-why-not sports agency, announced today that it has signed its third client: Skylar Diggins, the former Notre Dame guard and third-overall WNBA draft pick (she'll play for the Tulsa Shock). Now Diggins and Kobe just have to figure out that Nike contract. » 4/25/13 2:10pm 4/25/13 2:10pm

Jay-Z Will Sell His Nets Stake To Become An NBA Agent

Jay-Z's expansion into the sports agency biz—announced with the signing of Robinson Cano last week—isn't going to stop at baseball. The whole point of putting Jay-Z's name on the enterprise is to use him as a lure for starstruck players, and nowhere is his brand stronger than in basketball. But if he's going to… » 4/10/13 9:14am 4/10/13 9:14am

Source Of Robinson Cano PED Rumor Says He's Sorry, TV Station Makes…

Charlotte reporter Dan Tordjman offered a Twitter apology yesterday and his employer, ABC affiliate WSOC, issued an on-air mea culpa in the aftermath of his spreading a false rumor about Robinson Cano being busted for performance-enhancing drugs by MLB. » 10/05/12 11:30am 10/05/12 11:30am

How Those Robinson Cano PED Rumors Got Started

It started as a Twitter rumor, as these things tend to do. Yesterday afternoon, word spread that Robinson Cano had failed a drug test, and his PED suspension would be announced soon. Because similar rumors have recently turned out to be correct, and because Cano is a superstar and a Yankee and playoff bound, this one… » 9/21/12 3:10pm 9/21/12 3:10pm

Bud Selig Is Not Against Change, Just Change That Matters

We've had a busy week around here and things were bound to fall through the cracks. So, I hope you don't mind if we take a spin in the Wayback Machine to Tuesday last so we can talk about your favorite doofus uncle, Bud Selig. Great, thanks. » 7/14/12 2:20pm 7/14/12 2:20pm

MLB's Plan To Drain Every Last Ounce Of Fun From The Home Run Derby…

Kansas City Royals fans were pissed off that Robinson Cano didn't pick Billy Butler for the Home Run Derby, so they booed him. Mercilessly. And each time he failed to hit a home run, compared to the zero times he successfully did, they cheered him. (Burke went ahead and isolated the crowd audio, so you can check that… » 7/11/12 12:10am 7/11/12 12:10am