Does Algeria Really Plan On Donating Their World Cup Winnings To Gaza?

Yesterday, a story surfaced claiming that Algeria striker Islam Slimani said his team would be donating all of their World Cup prize winnings—$9 million was the reported amount, which is accurate for a team eliminated in the Round of 16—to Gaza. That's an extremely generous gesture. It also appears to be bullshit. »7/03/14 4:56pm7/03/14 4:56pm

Bleacher Report Has A New Book Out On How To Write Like a B/R Writer

While the lackeys and wreckers have taken up the cudgels against the new spirit of the masses, the Bleacher Report Quality Control Team—the revolutionary vanguard of sports journalism—has triumphed again, with the publication of a new book that will give you, the oppressed sports fan, the tools of your own liberation.… »11/19/13 5:40pm11/19/13 5:40pm

Leaked Memo: Bleacher Report's Top Eight Ways To Not Piss Off The UFC

A tipster passes along the following email sent around to Bleacher Report's MMA writers last year. It was written by Jeremy Botter, a lead MMA writer for B/R who also covers the fights for the Houston Chronicle. There is some good advice here (don't publish random bullshit!) and some weird advice here (don't ask Dana… »8/12/13 12:30pm8/12/13 12:30pm

CNN Sports Guy Asks News Anchor How Many Hot Dogs She Can Eat, Is "Turned On" By Her Answer

When CNN ditched Sports Illustrated as its in-house sports arm and instead went to new acquisition Bleacher Report last month, we were alarmed. After all, SI has decades of work attesting to its journalistic pedigree while b/r has this. We expected Bleacher Report to quickly drag CNN down to its "cesspool." »3/01/13 10:40am3/01/13 10:40am

According To Turner Analyst Reggie Miller, Bleacher Report Writer Scores Incredible Coup, Interviews Michael Jordan

During tonight's All-Star Game broadcast by TNT, analyst Reggie Miller relayed an interesting anecdote about LeBron James as studied by Michael Jordan. The story came from, of all places, Bleacher Report. Timothy Rapp, Reggie tells us, apparently got the scoop of the century for Bleacher Report. Michael Jordan… »2/18/13 12:09am2/18/13 12:09am

The 25 Sexiest "Sexiest Athlete" Slideshows From Bleacher Report In 2012: A Slideshow

It's been a hell of a year for the sexy ladies of sports. To celebrate, let's look back with a gallery of Bleacher Report's 25 sexiest "sexiest athlete" galleries from featured columnist Thomas Delatte, who's done more than his fair share for one of the most successful sports websites in the world. It's yeoman's work… »12/28/12 4:55pm12/28/12 4:55pm

There's A New Bleacher Report Clone Out There, And It Costs Only $50 To Write For It

Say hello to, a sports website in the Yardbarker Network that wants you to pay $50 in exchange for the opportunity to write for it. The three dipshits in the video above are the site's founders, and they can explain everything to you, but if you're not in the mood to have some wannabe Silicon Valley… »11/08/12 5:26pm11/08/12 5:26pm