Gregg Popovich Calls Team "Pathetic" After Loss To Knicks

Last night, Gregg Popovich's San Antonio Spurs somehow managed to lose an overtime game to the Knicks, a team that regularly turns possessions into crimes against humanity. This wasn't one of those games where Pop sat all of his starters, either. This was a full-strength squad getting beasted by the likes of Alexey… » 3/18/15 10:09am 3/18/15 10:09am

Former NHL Coach Goes Nuts On Counterpart During Game 

Marc Crawford spent 15 years coaching in the NHL, but now he finds himself manning the bench for the ZSC Lions of the National League A in Switzerland. During a recent playoff game against EHC Biel, he decided to go full Angry Canadian on opposing coach Kevin Schläpfer. » 3/05/15 5:46pm 3/05/15 5:46pm

Rick Carlisle Gets The Business From Rajon Rondo, Reporter

Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle did not have the best day at the office yesterday. His team came away with a 99-92 victory over the Toronto Raptors, which was good, but he also got into a shouting match with starting point guard Rajon Rondo in the middle of the game, which was very bad. Then, he just about… » 2/25/15 9:42am 2/25/15 9:42am

Crazy Minor League Manager Is Back With Another Meltdown

It's been a while since we've heard from Joe Mikulik, the manager of the Class A Myrtle Beach Pelicans who basically invented the "minor league coach goes straight apeshit" genre. During a game against the Salem Red Sox, Mikulik proved that he still has his fastball. » 8/18/14 10:23am 8/18/14 10:23am

Angry Soccer Coach Tries To Kick Ball, Falls Right On His Ass

Here is your latest reminder that you should never, ever try to kick something while you are angry. Because when you are angry you tend to forget things—like the fact that you are wearing very expensive dress shoes and standing on a slick floor, and that even though you are so damn mad and that ball just needs to be… » 8/14/14 2:36pm 8/14/14 2:36pm

College Baseball Coach Has Violent, Profane Locker-Room Meltdown

Scott Norwood resigned as Arkansas-Little Rock's head baseball coach Monday, 10 days after the university completed an investigation into allegations of physical and sexual harassment. Norwood was cleared in the investigation, but the audio recording below—one of what we're told are dozens in which the coach melts… » 6/13/14 2:45pm 6/13/14 2:45pm

Audio: Raging H.S. Baseball Coach Berates His Team For 15 Minutes

Yesterday, we posted a brief, edited audio clip of a high school baseball coach from California absolutely losing it and cursing out his players. Now we've gotten our hands on the full, unedited audio clip. It's long, and it's incredible » 5/21/14 10:03am 5/21/14 10:03am

A Lip Reader Deciphers The Rest Of 2013's Manager-Umpire Fights

Lip-reader Evan Brunell is here to once again decipher a collection of manager-umpire fights. Previously, Brunell deciphered all of the arguments from the 2012 season and the first half of the 2013 season. Here now are the fights from the second half of the 2013 season. » 3/24/14 11:27am 3/24/14 11:27am

Mick Cronin Needed To Be Separated From Referee Ted Valentine

Mick Cronin was not a happy camper as he watched his No. 11 Cincinnati squad lose 51-45 to unranked UConn. After a call went against Cincinnati on a loose ball, Cronin angrily voiced his displeasure with Ted Valentine who was, of course, only too happy to entertain the grievance. » 3/01/14 4:12pm 3/01/14 4:12pm

Alan Pardew Headbutts Opposing Player; Commentators Go Nuts

Newcastle United manager was sent off during the magpies match against Hull City for a head butt against City's David Meyler. As you can see, the Sky Sports guys lost their shit. And here's why: » 3/01/14 12:21pm 3/01/14 12:21pm

Italian Basketball Coach Flips Out About Sportsmanship After Loss

Head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco of second-place Italian basketball team Orlandina Basket seemed disappointed with a 78-76 loss to FCM Ferentino, a team with a 9-10 record, on Feb. 1. But someone on FCM Ferentino apparently did something unsportsmanlike at some point, and it set Pozzecco off in the postgame conference. » 2/05/14 8:25pm 2/05/14 8:25pm

Tony Snell's Mom Once Called Steve Alford A "Motherfucker"

Over at ChicagoSide, Daniel Libit has a nice profile of Bulls rookie guard Tony Snell, who is in the midst of a surprisingly productive season after being drafted with the 20th pick in the 2013 draft. Libit's piece is a nice look into a fringe prospect's journey to the NBA and Snell's close relationship with his… » 1/22/14 4:09pm 1/22/14 4:09pm

Is This Colorado State Coach Calling The WSU QB A "Fucking Faggot"?

Man, it sure looks like it. It's tough to tell, of course, it could be any number of other insults prefaced with "fuck you, you fucking" but it looks like Colorado State's defensive line coach Greg Lupfer called Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday a "fucking faggot" at the Gildan New Mexico Bowl. » 12/21/13 2:44pm 12/21/13 2:44pm

Coach Ejected And Suspended For Title Game After Late Hit On His Player

Ensworth (TN) was up 21-12 with two seconds to go in its state semifinal matchup against Brentwood Academy when Brentwood's Derek Barnett—committed to play at Tennessee next year—hit an Ensworth player well out of bounds. It was a clearly cheap and late hit and tempers flared. The referees ended the game right there… » 11/23/13 2:25pm 11/23/13 2:25pm

Hockey Coach Throws His Players' Sticks Onto Ice During Tantrum

Eric Veilleux is the head coach of the Baie-Comeau Drakkar of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. In the video above, he stars in one of the best coach meltdowns you'll ever see. He's probably a bit of a dick. » 11/04/13 5:10pm 11/04/13 5:10pm

Greg Schiano Really Is As Big An Asshole As You Imagine Him To Be

The sun came up today, and that means that the garbage fire that is the 2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers got even hotter and more garbage-y. What's new today? Allow The MMQB's Andrew Brandt to tell you about "Schiano Men." » 10/02/13 4:05pm 10/02/13 4:05pm

Mike Leach To Paul Petrino After Beating Him 42-0: "Fuck You"

Washington State thumped Idaho 42-0 last night in what was yet another pointless NCAA football blowout, but the game in Pullman at least had some postgame fireworks—thanks to the head coaches, who had to be separated. » 9/22/13 11:34am 9/22/13 11:34am