If You Like Not Being Scum, Root Against Coach K, Who Is Scum

Look. I hate Coach K. You hate Coach K. Everybody hates Coach K. Nobody needs a reason to root for somebody else—anybody else! Attila the Hun! Sauron! anybody!—to win the NCAA tournament. What I am saying is that you should actively root against Coach K. Root for his defeat. Root for his Virtue and Leadership School… »3/19/15 12:03pm3/19/15 12:03pm


Indie-Rocker Q&A: Matthew E. White On Loving Duke And Hating Peyton

Welcome to Ask an Indie-Rock Dude About Sports, our new occasional feature where we sit down with a luminary from that particular musical universe and chat about the fandoms and competition that helped shape him or her as a person and an artist. It was a very specific time—somewhere around the summer of 2010—when… »3/13/15 2:51pm3/13/15 2:51pm

Report: Duke Coaches, Administrators Ignored Sexual Assault Allegations

Duke junior Rasheed Sulaimon was dismissed from the men's basketball team on Jan. 29, 2015, with no official explanation given. According to a report published today by the Chronicle, Duke's student newspaper, Sulaimon was dismissed more than a year after he was accused of sexually assaulting two female students.… »3/02/15 10:50am3/02/15 10:50am

Actually, Duke Had No Problems Getting Off The Court In Virginia Last Night

Virginia fans stormed the court in Charlottesville last night, after the unranked Cavaliers defeated No. 3 Duke, 73-68, and Mike Krzyzewski was a bit rankled by the lack of protection for his team. He reportedly "hollered an F-bomb at a fan" and later suggested that he and his team hadn't been properly shielded by… »3/01/13 3:50pm3/01/13 3:50pm

Nike Gave Jabari Parker's High School Branded Apparel And That's OK

Grid, a weekly magazine in Chicago, noticed that the best public high schools for basketball in Chicago—a city where high school basketball gets foldout sections in newspapers and crowds pack the stands for big match-ups—wear a lot of Nike gear. Grid correctly assumed that most of those schools lack the budget… »2/23/13 12:10pm2/23/13 12:10pm

Everything You Need To Know About New Browns Quarterback Thad "The Champ" Lewis

Per Mary Kay Cabot, Browns head coach until Monday Pat Shurmur announced today that third-string quarterback Thad Lewis would start against the Steelers in Week 17, as Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy are terrible "dealing with injuries." Lewis will be the Browns' 18th starting quarterback since 1999, and this will be… »12/28/12 1:30pm12/28/12 1:30pm

Jabari Parker, The Nation's No. 2 Basketball Recruit, Committed To Duke For The Dukiest Reasons Possible

Well, Duke is still doing Duke things, apparently. If you thought the nation's top black Mormon whose father played in the NBA would commit to some other school—like Michigan State, say, or BYU—you were truly mistaken. He is the Dukiest Dukie that ever Duked. Consider this, from Jeff Benedict's story in Sports… »12/20/12 5:10pm12/20/12 5:10pm

Until A Few Minutes Ago, Duke's Official Site Featured A Women's Lacrosse Player Wearing Blackface

The picture you see above is a screenshot from an article on GoDuke.com, the official site for Duke University athletics. In the photo are members of the women's lacrosse team, dressed up like the Little Rascals for Halloween. And wouldn't you know it, the one who dressed up as Buckwheat decided to put on blackface.… »11/12/12 9:35am11/12/12 9:35am

Let's Recall 32 Teams That Made Deeper Tournament Runs Than The 2011-12 Duke Blue Devils

Now that their season is over, it's time to place the accomplishments of Austin Rivers, Seth Curry, the Plumlees, and all the rest of this year's unforgettable Duke Blue Devils in their proper historical context. Below is a list of 32 teams in the past decade whose tournament glory outshone that of Mike Krzyzewski's… »3/16/12 11:26pm3/16/12 11:26pm