Jeremy Schaap And Bob Ley Telling Muhammad Ali Stories At 4 A.M. Is Must-See TV

ESPN’s Bob Ley and Jeremy Schaap are two of the network’s best, and the pair anchored hours of Muhammad Ali coverage in the very early morning that few—other than west-coast insomniacs—were able to see. That’s a shame, because the two engaged in a tremendous discussion of the boxer’s legacy and shared some…

Internet Man Flays Post-Human ESPN Shithead Darren Rovell By Tunelessly Singing His Dumb Tweets (UPDATE: There's More)

Post-human business doof Darren Rovell did some tweets tonight, like he does whenever a dollar farts. They were bad and bland in their undressed form, but Twitter user @trillballins spiced them up with dramatic vocals and now I love them. Consider this asinine joke our dude probably drafted a week ago.


Fox Sports’s Trashman-In-Chief Portrayed As Visionary In Gushing New York Times Profile

Last April, the New York Times’s Richard Sandomir wrote a soft-focus puff piece on Jason Whitlock and his then-role as head of ESPN’s The Undefeated. A month later ESPN president John Skipper told Sandomir exclusively that Bill Simmons wasn’t returning to ESPN, news Simmons himself found out from Twitter. A month…