The Cool Pope Is Not Down With Texting At The Dinner Table

Pope Francis is cool with lots of things: He’s down with the gays, he’s (marginally) more chill about abortion, and he would welcome aliens from outer space with open arms. He’s reasonable and real, and down with the kids. But if there’s one thing he will not stand, it’s using your flippin’ smartphone at the flippin’… »11/13/15 2:14pm11/13/15 2:14pm


How To Drink At Weddings Without Making An Ass Of Yourself

I'm going to a wedding in Delaware in a few weeks, because aren't we all. I was very excited about this adventure when I thought Delaware was in the South—I've never been to the South—but it turns out Delaware's just off to the right of Maryland. So now I'm merely regular excited, because even though the wedding will… »7/26/13 1:00pm7/26/13 1:00pm