Levels of Intimacy: When to Burp, Fart & Poop in Front of Your Partner

Recently, we learned via study something we all suspected was true on some level: that the "average woman" waits a good four weeks before allowing a man she fancies to gaze upon her bare, makeup-free face for fear of scarring him with the knowledge that human eyes don't come rimmed in kohl at birth. But this is only… » 10/23/13 5:05pm 10/23/13 5:05pm

Coach Cited For Encouraging Wrestlers To Hit Farting Teammate

The former varsity wrestling coach at Dallastown Area High School in central Pennsylvania was cited for disorderly conduct a couple of weeks back. His offense? Back in January, he allegedly told his wrestlers to hit one of their teammates. Let's let Chuck Murphy, the deputy prosecutor, explain why: » 6/05/13 10:45am 6/05/13 10:45am

Rhino Fart Just Demolishes Morning Newscast

Hoo boy, if you weren't watching Kickin' It With Kenny on today's Fox 8 Cleveland news, you missed out. Never fear: here's the moment when mama rhino Kibibbi let fly during her morning hosedown. That's 1.3 tons of rhino rumbling your speakers and sending reporter Kenny Crumpton into a giggle fit from which he may… » 8/21/12 4:50pm 8/21/12 4:50pm