The 27 Times You Should Not Wear Plaid Flannel

A few weeks ago, I walked into my office only to realize that everyone was wearing a slightly different version of the same shirt. I don’t mean the ubiquitous Oxford, either; we’ve reached that week in fall where everyone reverts to their plaid-patterned lumberjack staples and resigns themselves to sticking with it… »11/06/15 12:16pm11/06/15 12:16pm


Everyone Wants Drake's Jacket From The "Hotline Bling" Video 

Drake dances like a dork in a $1,050 dollar Moncler jacket in the just-released video for “Hotline Bling,” and now everyone has to have one of the damn things. Moncler spokesman Domenico Galluccio told Vanity Fair that on Tuesday, in the aftermath of the video’s release, sales of the Maya coat doubled. A quick check… »10/21/15 11:59am10/21/15 11:59am

Wearing A Backpack To Work Is Fine

Men’s Health recently put out a list of the best work bags for men, and then went so far as to rudely suggest that backpacks are a bad way to haul your stuff to and from work every day. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a leather portfolio or a posh messenger bag. Especially if you wear a suit every day, travel from… »10/20/15 1:42pm10/20/15 1:42pm

How To Buy A Tie And Wear It Well

The tie gets a bad rep. It’s associated with board rooms and formality and the type of office job that requires navigating a dull grey labyrinth of cubicles. There’s a reason that the phrase “loosening one’s tie” exists, and why it’s shorthand for relaxing and having a good time. Ties are symbolic of all that is… »9/22/15 12:21pm9/22/15 12:21pm

Only An Idiot Would Buy A $600 Sweatshirt 

Who was it that first said, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap?” Well, according to Bieber Clothing Tumblr, a site for teens dedicated to fashion worn by this particular emotional teen, Justin Bieber spent $600 on the following sweatshirt; one that looks like something he picked up at Goodwill to bedazzle in… »8/27/15 10:23am8/27/15 10:23am

Take the Pledge: I Will Not Have Sex With Anyone Who Wears an AppleWatch

Imagine: you're lying in bed, the perfume of lovemaking still stinging your nostrils and firing your neurons, legs tangled with your partner. Baby, that sex with you was so good, you coo, rolling over—only to discover that your partner is wearing a gold miniature smartphone on his wrist. Don't ever let this happen. »3/10/15 4:44pm3/10/15 4:44pm

Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Is Stupid; Stop Wearing It Now

Take off your ugly Christmas sweater and burn it. Don't throw it in the trash, because that's not good enough. That thing needs to be rendered useless, diced into tiny pieces, incinerated. Why? Let's start with the fact that it's not a functioning piece of clothing. It's itchy, ill-fitting, and lets cold air in… »12/23/14 11:45am12/23/14 11:45am