Freddy Adu Is Still Alive, Actually Playing Some Pretty Good Soccer

The last time we heard from the young man—despite being (in)famous for over a decade, can you believe he’s still only 26?—formerly known as The Next Pelé, Freddy Adu had flopped out of Finland’s league and was spending his considerable free time on the nightclub hosting circuit. But Adu did make it out of that… »Sunday 12:55pm

Sergio Agüero Goes Supernova, Scores 5 Goals in 20 Minutes

Manchester City were losing today’s match to Newcastle 1-0 for most of the first half until Sergio Agüero went all Robert Lewandowski and rung up five quick goals to kill the game dead in a matter of minutes. Incredibly, he did the Whole Shit with a mere nine touches. It was sudden and violent and Newcastle should… »10/03/15 11:45am

This Ridiculous Solo Wondergoal Is The Apex Of Hatem Ben Arfa's Career

You almost feel like Hatem Ben Arfa’s entire time on a soccer pitch was destined to culminate in this moment. For years Ben Arfa’s career has flickered with brief moments of genius, intermittently successful attempts at squeezing through the tightest of openings and twirling past the thickest swarms of defenses,… »9/28/15 4:14pm

Victor Moses's Breakaway Was An Emotional Roller Coaster

You know that feeling when you step into traffic without looking, only for your friend to pull you back right as a car speeds right past where you almost stood, wind blowing into your gratefully stunned face? That’s probably how Victor Moses felt after Dimitri Payet sent home a rebound at the end of the play above. »9/14/15 4:40pm

Wow, Maybe Roberto Soldado Doesn't Suck Anymore!

Well would you look at that! Roberto Soldado—once renowned for his uncanny ability to get goals without ever looking all that impressive doing so, now more famous as the world’s second-biggest bottler (behind fellow Spaniard Fernando Torres) stemming from his terrible stint with Tottenham—is back in Spain and back… »8/28/15 4:24pm