Colorado High School Sexting Scandal Costs Football Team Its Playoff Spot

Cañon City High School is just like most other high schools in the country, in that it’s full of libidinous teenagers and has a football team. Unfortunately for fans of the Cañon City Tigers, those two factors intersected and ultimately cost the football team its shot at a playoff spot, as a wave of suspensions in the… »11/07/15 10:26am11/07/15 10:26am

Rural Kansas High School Football Player Dies After Collapsing On Sideline

Luke Schemm, a football player at Wallace County High in tiny Sharon Springs, Kan., died Wednesday, after collapsing during Tuesday night’s playoff game. Schemm was airlifted to a Denver hospital but was declared brain dead, and eventually taken off life support today. He collapsed on the sideline after scoring a… »11/04/15 11:24pm11/04/15 11:24pm

Coming Soon To Seattle-Area High School Football: Satanic Invocations (UPDATE)

The legal position on prayer in public school in America is, generally, settled. Across decades of cases, the Supreme Court has held that religion may not be included in school-sponsored activities, but that students may independently gather for religious purposes. But a high school football coach in the Seattle area… »10/28/15 11:23pm10/28/15 11:23pm

Texas High School Football Player Dies After Collapsing On Sidelines

Last night, junior Cam’ron Matthews of Alto High School in Alto, Texas died after collapsing near the end of the first half of his school’s game against Carlisle High. According to NBC, Matthews complained of dizziness and suffered a seizure on the sidelines. Matthews was airlifted out of the stadium and taken to a… »10/18/15 4:30pm10/18/15 4:30pm

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At High School Football Game In Texas

A huge melee broke out at last night’s game between conference rivals Westfield and Spring, in Spring, Tx. Coaches and officials tried to calm the teams down, but both benches quickly emptied and the fighting escalated to the degree that local law enforcement on hand had to come and quell the fighting. Hilariously,… »10/03/15 1:46pm10/03/15 1:46pm

High School Quarterback Dies After On-Field Injury

Late last night, Evan Murray of Washington, NJ and Warren Hills Regional High School died after getting tackled during the second quarter against Summit High. He was 17. It is not yet clear what specific injuries Murray may have suffered, but he walked off the field under his own power before being taken into an… »9/26/15 12:05pm9/26/15 12:05pm

Another High School Football Player Targets A Referee

High school football is in desperate need of some chill right now. Just this month we’ve seen two Texas high school football players light up a referee who supposedly said racist things to them, another player from Texas shove an official, and a kid use his opponent’s helmet as a mace. Now, we have another case of a… »9/23/15 12:01pm9/23/15 12:01pm

Texas High School Players Say They Were Told By Coach To Hit Referee

The two Texas high school football players caught on video drilling a referee appeared on Good Morning America today—with their attorney— and said the referee had used anti-Hispanic slurs, a charge the official, Robert Watts, has denied. The players also claimed that they were ordered to lay hits on Watts by one of… »9/18/15 10:33am9/18/15 10:33am

Cops: Coach Stood By While J.V. Football Player Got Beat Up For Sitting With Rival Team

While you were grilling up some hot dogs or watching baseball on Labor Day, players on the Camden County (Ga.) High School football team were beating the crap out of a JV teammate at practice while at least three coaches watched, according to a police report filed by the boy on the receiving end of the beating. »9/12/15 1:13pm9/12/15 1:13pm