Peyton Manning's 510 Touchdowns, Visualized By Distance And Receiver

Here's a sleek-looking chart of Peyton Manning's 510 career touchdowns, put together by data artist Max Einstein at You'll want to expand the image or view the full-sized version on his site—it has every TD pass listed chronologically, displayed by distance, and includes clusters for each receiver… »10/21/14 1:32pm10/21/14 1:32pm


This Interactive Wheel Of Food Mashups Is Cool As Hell

Hey, run over to Co.Design to play around with The Great Wheel of Food Mashups, the gorgeous and compulsively futzable interactive infographic screencapped above. The interior of the circle contains the viral foodstuffs made from wacky combinations of the familar, beloved foods around the outside of the ring. … »9/03/14 6:24pm9/03/14 6:24pm

What Are New York City's Most Popular Dog Names?

What's the typical New York dog? Is it a yippy little terrier named Lucky leaving little brown obstacles for Upper East Side pedestrians? Is it a retriever named Bella tolerating the demon children of Park Slope? Is it a shih tzu named Gizmo humping joggers' legs in Van Cortlandt Park? We took a look at some data… »7/17/14 3:54pm7/17/14 3:54pm

Chart: Scoring At The 2014 World Cup Has Been Bonkers

Over on Stats In the Wild, Gregory Matthews has visualized how much scoring there's been at the 2014 World Cup, using the clever grid chart you see above. The goals of the "winning" team—draws are included—are the y-axix, and the losing team is the x-axis. Each square is labeled (and colored) with the number of times… »6/27/14 12:54pm6/27/14 12:54pm

Which Leagues Are Having The Most Success At The World Cup?

For people who really know their shit about soccer, one of the fun bits of the World Cup is recognizing which club-level teammates and rivals are facing off for their various national squads. Which of these club leagues are best represented at this year's Cup? The New York Times built an elaborate web of club-level… »6/24/14 2:03pm6/24/14 2:03pm

Berlin Residents Synchronized Their Pee Breaks During Germany-Portugal

Germany stomped Portugal 4-0 on Monday, and it seems as if the whole city of Berlin was watching intently. The chart above—from the city's public water utility—shows water usage from 6 p.m. on the day of the game to 6 a.m. In two dramatic spikes, coming at halftime and at the close of the game, water consumption… »6/19/14 1:25pm6/19/14 1:25pm

How Many Teams Could Your Favorite World Cup Star Have Played For?

Diego Costa's decision to play for Spain—even though he was born and raised in Brazil—didn't seem to help La Roja all that much on Friday, but FIFA's wisely broad nationality rules still piss off a lot of people. Those rules stipulate that players who haven't collected a senior-level international cap can choose to… »6/16/14 2:39pm6/16/14 2:39pm

Which Hockey Leagues Have The Most Fights?

The NHL has a lot more fights than, say, the NFL, but how does it stack up against other levels of hockey competition? To find out, Simon Garnier of Graph Zoo pulled data from the (hilariously '90s) site and put together a neat graphic on "fights per game" across almost 100 active and inactive… »6/05/14 9:19am6/05/14 9:19am

Which Countries Get Carded The Most At The World Cup?

Quartz has crunched the numbers on World Cup penalties, counting all the yellow and red cards for every squad back to 1970. Slovenia comes in number one, racking up 20 cards in their six World Cup games (3.33 per game). Peru was the least penalized, with nine cards in 13 games (0.69 per game). »6/04/14 3:57pm6/04/14 3:57pm

Watch Football Players Get Taller And Heavier Over 90 Years Of The NFL

NFL height/weight data has been visualized before, but a new animation by WYNC's Noah Veltman may be the snappiest version yet. Over on his site you can watch the size of NFL players steadily expand through the early '70s, stagnate, and then spike again—mostly in terms of weight—in the late '80s. »6/04/14 11:35am6/04/14 11:35am

Heights And Weights Of Athletes, By Position, In The "Big Four" Sports

Last fall, Craig Booth put together an excellent series of charts on the heights and weights of current NFL players, by position. Now Sportchart—who created that NHL map from a few weeks ago—has taken the analysis a step further, comparing the height and weight distributions of major positions across the NFL, NBA,… »5/27/14 6:35pm5/27/14 6:35pm

The Time Travel Of Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure, Visualized

Over on FlipFlopFlyin', Craig Robinson has put together a graphic summarizing all the time travel in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. The film leaves some of the exact dates open to interpretation—did they hang out with Genghis Khan in 1209 or 1269?—but these details are well handled here, and we're comfortable… »5/21/14 4:29pm5/21/14 4:29pm

165 Sweet Basketball Jerseys On One Gorgeous Poster

With the basketball season winding down, Pop Chart Lab has put together a great new poster showcasing 165 notable jersey designs, from the 1921 New York Celtics through the "Latin Night" alternates of the 2014 Suns. Most of the offerings come from the NBA, but there's a smattering of Globetrotter, ABA, hip-hop, and … »5/19/14 1:07pm5/19/14 1:07pm