Who Were The Tallest Athletes In History?

As part of the new collection Sportographica, the chart above shows the tallest players in history by sport/league/discipline. While there isn't a regular-sized human in there to give you context, consider this: If you stacked all these professional athletes on top of each others, the pile would stretch ALL THE WAY TO… » 4/02/14 5:23pm 4/02/14 5:23pm

How Have The Weights Of NFL Positions Changed Over Time?

Craig Booth—who previously made those NFL height/weight charts—just released a great series of graphics showing how the median weights of various positions have changed since 1950, based on data from Pro Football Reference. Booth isn't the first to visualize this sort of trend, but the inclusion of the 25th/75th and… » 3/17/14 6:32pm 3/17/14 6:32pm

Chart: Does Your Choice Of Candy Reveal Your Politics?

We already covered this for booze, but the research firm NMRPP has released a chart showing the political leanings (x-axis) and voter turnout (y-axis) of various major candy brands. Bubble size is proportional to the population of survey respondents who ate each type of candy. » 2/13/14 11:27am 2/13/14 11:27am

Speed Skaters Have Gotten A Lot Faster Since 1924

Similar to what The New York Times did for the 100m dash in 2012, The Wall Street Journal has developed a great graphic to show just how much faster the top speed skaters have gotten over the years. The still above is part of an animation pitting every male 500m gold medalist against each other; the 2002 winner (Casey… » 2/10/14 6:20pm 2/10/14 6:20pm

The Beautiful Infographics Of Ted Williams's The Science Of Hitting

In 1971, Ted Williams and John Underwood released The Science of Hitting, the definitive treatment of the subject. Few great athletes have ever been so articulate about the mechanics of their greatness, which is one reason the book holds up even today, well into the analytics era. (A decade ago, Science was required… » 2/07/14 2:53pm 2/07/14 2:53pm

Map: Which States Produce The Most College Basketball Recruits?

Mode Analytics, which previously mapped out where college football players are from, has turned its attention to the much more timely sport of college basketball. The map above shows which states have produced the most current D1 players, relative to their college-age male populations. » 1/23/14 12:23pm 1/23/14 12:23pm

Maps: Which Of Our Readers Were The Biggest Homers In The HOF Vote?

Thanks to your input, the Deadspin HOF vote—revealed earlier this month—was generally agreed to be pretty decent. That might be letting some of you off the hook a little easy, though. We've given MVP voters plenty of crap for their homer votes; who, among our readership, turned out to be the biggest homers in our HOF… » 1/22/14 2:40pm 1/22/14 2:40pm

Do Colder NFL Games Have Fewer Penalties?

While watching some insanely frigid football last weekend, one Deadspinner wondered if there were fewer flags in cold NFL games, the result of referees deciding, consciously or not, to speed games up and get the hell off the field. Without scrutinizing hundreds of hours of game tape we can't really tell if the refs or… » 1/11/14 11:35am 1/11/14 11:35am

Cherrypick Your Way Through 143 Years Of Baseball Stats

Did you know that Curt Schilling led the league in complete games from 1992-2001? That Tim Raines led the league in hits from 1981-87? That Fred McGriff led the league in home runs from 1987-95? All great stats to argue for your favorite player's HOF admission, made possible by the magic of cherrypicked, arbitrary… » 1/09/14 3:48pm 1/09/14 3:48pm

Is "Discipline" Overrated In The NFL?

The 2013-14 Seahawks finished the year with a 13-3 record, a +186 point differential, and +40.1 percent DVOA, making them arguably the best team in the NFL. They also led the league in penalties (128) and penalty yards (1,193). Baltimore led in both categories last year and won the Super Bowl over the 49ers, who were… » 1/07/14 1:43pm 1/07/14 1:43pm

What Can We Learn About America From The Stuff We Put Up Our Asses?

This Christmas, we took our annual look at what Americans got stuck in their butts this past year. It sure felt like a banner year for rectum accidents, but was this really this case? And the obvious followup: What does it mean for the economy? » 1/01/14 2:05pm 1/01/14 2:05pm