The Durant-LeBron Arms Race: Two Of The Best Seasons Of All Time

When we last took a look in February, LeBron James and Kevin Durant were both having monster seasons, with unprecedented combinations of offensive volume (usage percent) and efficiency (true shooting percent). There was still a lot of basektball left to play, but at the time we wrote that "if these stat lines hold, or… » 4/17/14 12:11pm Thursday 12:11pm

No, It's Not Just You: LeBron Really Has Been Bad On Defense

Tom Haberstroh has a post over on ESPN Insider going over the uses of ESPN's new stat, Real Plus-Minus, and how it bears out on things like the MVP race. Tucked inside are a few telling statistical bits about LeBron's defense this season. So we thought, why not go ahead and take a dive into the rest of the numbers and… » 4/09/14 2:48pm 4/09/14 2:48pm

Hockey Fans Using Rich Peverley To Shit On LeBron James Are The Worst

From the second it was reported that Rich Peverley regained consciousness and asked to get back into the game, you knew where this was going. Peverley was going to be exploited by hockey's worst fans as an assault on LeBron James, on basketball, on any sport that isn't hockey. It was as predictable as it was sad. » 3/12/14 1:29pm 3/12/14 1:29pm

Watch All Of LeBron's Made Buckets From His 61-Point Night

LeBron James played what was essentially a perfect basketball game last night. Against a top 10 NBA defense, he scored 61 points on just 33 shots, mixing in seven rebounds and five assists for good measure. If you want to see what perfection looks like, watch all of his made baskets in the video above. » 3/04/14 9:37am 3/04/14 9:37am