Tracy McGrady Says Steph Curry Only Won The MVP Unanimously Because The NBA Is Watered Down

The hot sports take may be a little endangered baby bird, but Tracy McGrady performed a remarkable act of conservation this morning on The Jump, when he said that Steph Curry’s unanimous MVP win was more due to the watered-down level of competition in today’s NBA compared to years past. Pablo Torre rightly called him…


Fox Sports’s Trashman-In-Chief Portrayed As Visionary In Gushing New York Times Profile

Last April, the New York Times’s Richard Sandomir wrote a soft-focus puff piece on Jason Whitlock and his then-role as head of ESPN’s The Undefeated. A month later ESPN president John Skipper told Sandomir exclusively that Bill Simmons wasn’t returning to ESPN, news Simmons himself found out from Twitter. A month…

NFL Network Cuts To Commercial After "Beavers" And "Bush" Leave Panelists Incapacitated

Today’s NFL Network draft coverage came to a sudden halt when, immediately after Mike Mayock’s assertion that “I’m very much a Beavers guy,” the Bears selected Deon Bush. That pick drove the network’s panelists to paralyzing laughter, and brought on a quick cut to commercial.