NFL Playoff Bonuses Are A Fucking Disgrace

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, we're covering weird TV people, jock strap games, chapped lips, boner grinding, and more. » 1/13/15 2:30pm 1/13/15 2:30pm

Michael Vick Says Jameis Winston Is The 'Future Of The NFL' 

New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick had some kind words for embattled Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who could very well end up with New York in the draft. Here's what Vick had to say, via » 12/20/14 4:30pm 12/20/14 4:30pm

Michael Vick Is Learning To Live Boat-Free

Here's a story on how Michael Vick has paid off an extraordinary amount of debt over the last five years—more than $15 million of the $17.8 million he owed creditors upon declaring for bankruptcy while in prison on dogfighting charges. It's a window on Vick's responsibility—which has, by all accounts, been… » 12/17/14 4:44pm 12/17/14 4:44pm

Report: The New York Jets Are Still Dysfunctional

The New York Jets have been nothing short of flaming dog poop this year. The quarterback situation has been an especially vital part of the circus act. It started back in training camp, when coaches were upset that Michael Vick was content with his backup role at quarterback. As our Samer Kalaf put it then: » 11/27/14 5:47pm 11/27/14 5:47pm

Mike Vick Leaves Steelers CB In A Pile. His Brother Has Some Thoughts.

Hey, a Jets highlight. Michael Vick isn't dead yet! Watch him burn the dregs of his youth as he clowns Steelers cornerback Brice McCain on a run. » 11/09/14 1:51pm 11/09/14 1:51pm

Tony Dungy Doesn't Think Michael Vick Is Being Haunted By Dog Ghosts

Are dog ghosts haunting Michael Vick, causing him and the Jets to be cursed? Let's ask Tony Dungy this oddly specific question. » 10/29/14 12:40pm 10/29/14 12:40pm

Michael Vick Admits To Slacking, Should Have Just Lied

Jets backup quarterback Michael Vick did a dumb thing this week when he kinda-sorta admitted that he wasn't all that prepared to play in the second half of the Jets' 31-0 loss to the Chargers on Sunday because he didn't take his weekly scout team reps seriously enough. » 10/09/14 11:44am 10/09/14 11:44am

Mike Vick Is Super Passive-Aggressive About Riley Cooper Not Texting Him

It was Michael Vick who publicly jumped to Riley Cooper's defense after the Eagles receiver was caught on camera using racial slurs. The QB spoke out in favor of forgiving Cooper at a time other players were saying they had lost all respect. "We had guys talking about knocking him out, taking his head off," Vick tells… » 8/27/14 4:47pm 8/27/14 4:47pm

Report: Jets Sad That Backup Michael Vick's Cool With Being Backup

Today's Michael Vick is obviously not 2006 Michael Vick, but the Jets picked him up in an attempt to push second-year quarterback Geno Smith to suck less. Then, they told Vick they were going with Smith, barring a disaster. Believe it or not, the 34-year-old Vick accepted that he'd be a backup, and Jets coaches are… » 8/22/14 2:50pm 8/22/14 2:50pm

How Michael Vick Shaped The Modern NFL

Last Friday, Michael Vick signed a one-year deal with the Jets. He'll be 34 by the time the season begins. The following is excerpted from Deadspin's Big Book of Black Quarterbacks. This entry is written by Kyle Wagner. » 3/24/14 3:07pm 3/24/14 3:07pm

Jets Release Mark Sanchez, Sign Michael Vick

On the heels of the news that the fumble of the Buttfumble has been released, the Jets have signed Michael Vick. Adam Schefter says it's one year, $5 million. The timing of the announcements (Friday evening, in the middle of the NCAA tourney), and their quick succession, make you wonder if the Jets want one or both of… » 3/21/14 6:41pm 3/21/14 6:41pm

Dumb Column About Michael Vick: "Who Will Think Of The Children?"

There is a stupid thing in the New York Times today, which if read aloud in the proper cadence would sound quite a bit like a warmup oration for a tar-and-feathering. It's about Michael Vick, of course, and it argues that no team in the NFL should sign Michael Vick, for the sake of the children. » 1/06/14 12:43pm 1/06/14 12:43pm

Vick's re-injures injury in return from injury: Michael Vick re-aggravated his hamstring against the Giants, and his return's questionable. Matt Barkley has taken over for the Eagles. » 10/27/13 2:49pm 10/27/13 2:49pm

Nick Foles Is Struggling, And Marcus Vick Is Loving It

It's an unexpected defensive showdown in Philadelphia, as the Cowboys lead the Eagles 3-0 at the half. Nick Foles is starting for the injured Michael Vick (and would probably be starting for a healthy Vick too). Though Vick recommended starting Foles in fantasy football this week, he's just 11 of 23 for 80 yards. So… » 10/20/13 2:52pm 10/20/13 2:52pm

Chip Kelly Doesn't Quite Know All The NFL Rules Yet

The Eagles' college-to-pro coach admitted he was unclear on the NFL injury rules when he unnecessarily kept Michael Vick out of a crucial late-game situation yesterday. It's a learning process. » 9/16/13 4:31pm 9/16/13 4:31pm

Ten Years Later, Michael Vick Would Have a Harder Time Breaking Madden

Michael Vick may, for the rest of his life, remain a contemptible stereotype to much of the public: A brutal or stupid man. A laughingstock. A guy who did federal time. Still, there is one aspect of his football career that cleanly escapes the wreckage of his personal scandal, that lives on almost as a separate… » 8/04/13 5:57pm 8/04/13 5:57pm

Michael Vick's Brother Puts A Bounty On Riley Cooper

» 7/31/13 7:12pm 7/31/13 7:12pm