Here's How Tom Brady Pushes His Sketchy Body Guru On People

Boston Magazine published a lengthy story today on Alex Guerrero, who is Tom Brady’s personal body coach, TB12 business partner, counselor, and—according to court records—a modern snake-oil salesman. The FTC investigated products promoted by Guerrero twice, the magazine reports, and in both cases the FTC found that… »Friday 8:38pm

"You Are The Real MVP!!": More Letters Sent To The Ballghazi Judge

The federal judge who oversaw the Ballghazi case, vacating Tom Brady’s four-game suspension while legally shredding whatever integrity was left of the NFL’s arbitration apparatus, entered more letters from the public into the case’s docket yesterday. This batch is smaller, not quite a dozen letters, and includes a few… »9/16/15 6:40pm

Ben Roethlisberger Says The Patriots Defense Bent The Rules

Oh, hey, that confusing headset brouhaha wasn’t the only spot of controversy in last night’s 28-21 New England win. Ben Roethlesberger took issue with the Patriots’ defense’s tactics on a crucial third-and-goal, a shift designed to draw the Steelers into a false start. It worked to perfection, and Roethlisberger… »9/11/15 9:45am

Here Are The Anti-NFL Letters Fans Sent The Ballghazi Judge

It’s one thing to yell and scream on the Internet; it’s another to take the time to address, stamp, and mail your anger to a federal judge. But that’s exactly what 21 people did to Judge Richard Berman, who presided over the brouhaha between the NFL and the player’s union regarding Tom Brady’s suspension and how much… »9/09/15 11:12pm

Patriots Request Reinstatement Of Accused Ball-Deflating Employees

With trumped up charges and a whole lot of dodgy PSI data, the only somewhat-weighty evidence that the Patriots had a concerted ball-deflation scheme going was the text-message comedy stylings of locker-room attendant Jim “The Deflator” McNally and equipment assistant John “Dorito Dink” Jastremski. The two were… »9/09/15 1:11pm

Bombshell ESPN Report: The Patriots Were Huge Cheaters And Roger Goodell Covered It Up

I want to hug and kiss this beautiful story from ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham and take it out to a fancy dinner. Splendidly reported and brutally damning of both the New England Patriots and Roger Goodell, it alleges that the Patriots’ Spygate scandal was worse than anyone imagined—and was actively… »9/08/15 10:20am