Browns Deny Report That They Covered For Drunk Johnny Manziel By Putting Him In Concussion Protocol

Quarterback Johnny Manziel missed the Browns’ final game of the season after the team reported that he was in the concussion protocol. NFL reporter Mike Silver emphatically claimed today that Manziel was actually in the protocol because he showed up drunk to practice on Dec. 30—and that the Browns lied to protect him.

Affidavit: Johnny Manziel Restrained, Beat, And Threatened To Kill Colleen Crowley  

As part of her request for a protective order against Johnny Manziel, Colleen Crowley outlined in an affidavit what she said happened the night Manziel is accused of beating her up. In the document, Crowley describes a horrific night in which Manziel keeps her from leaving his hotel room, later throws her back in a…


St. Louis Lawyer Buys Super Bowl Ad To Tell Stan Kroenke To Get Fucked

I put out a call during last night’s Super Bowl local ad break for the best and worst of your local markets, and got replies ranging from axe-murderer Joe Jacoby to HVAC-shilling Mike Tyson to an ad in Omaha for a male enhancement doctor who will make your dong so powerful it will leave your partner disabled.