Tom Brady Looks Like He's Melting In His Courtroom Sketch

Judge Richard Berman held a hearing in New York Federal Court today for Tom Brady’s civil case against Roger Goodell and the NFL, and Berman did his best to move the process along as both sides’ legal teams took shots at each other, but the best part of the whole event was the courtroom sketch of Brady, in which he… »8/12/15 2:14pm8/12/15 2:14pm


Kliff Kingsbury Morphing Into Charlie Weis Is Quite Disturbing

The Big 12 has a commercial with some of the conference's coaches morphing into each other, and that's how we get Kliff Kingsbury turning into Charlie Weis. This transformation can actually happen if Kingsbury screws up every major decision in his future. Don't do that, Kliff. You're too handsome to ever coach Kansas. »8/31/14 2:35pm8/31/14 2:35pm

Joaquin Phoenix's Forehead Face Will Freak You The Hell Out

It's all fun and games when this video, a clip from the movie Her, first starts, but then you start to really get lost in the weird, red-bearded face that is hidden on Joaquin Phoenix's forehead, and you start wondering if maybe we all have secret forehead faces. And what if they are all as angry as Joaquin Phoenix's… »7/17/14 12:15pm7/17/14 12:15pm

In 1908, The Chicago Cubs' Mascot Was A Terrifying Squirrelbeast

OK, so I'm pretty sure that this abomination is supposed to be a bear (cub?), but you can't convince me that it doesn't look more like a nightmare squirrel that was spawned in the deepest pit of Hell. In fact, I don't think it's posing in this picture at all. I think the bloodthirsty beast is actually lurching toward… »10/17/13 5:10pm10/17/13 5:10pm

The Purported CT Scan Of Mark Fraser's Head Is Terrifying

Three days ago, Maple Leafs defenseman Mark Fraser took a puck to the face. The image above may or may not be Fraser's CT scan from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto; we're still working on that (although in the top-right corner, it does say "FRASER, MA(RK?)." Whoever that is, though, that gigantic chip in their… »5/11/13 12:50pm5/11/13 12:50pm

Mark Wahlberg Shouts Out The Falcons While Possibly Being Haunted By A Demon In A Football Jersey

D-Block is a video web series that is produced by the Atlanta Falcons linebacking corps and broadcast from the team's locker room. It's wonderful. Earlier this week, D-Block somehow managed to get a shout out from Mark Wahlberg while he was promoting his latest movie, Broken City. »1/11/13 11:25am1/11/13 11:25am