Behind The Photo That Changed The Boston Marathon Forever

Everyone knows someone who’s run the marathon. Today’s big-city races—in places like Boston, New York, Berlin, and London—draw Olympic hopefuls competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars and hordes of weekend warriors raising money for their favorite charities or just hoping to check off “complete a marathon” on… » 4/20/15 9:04am Yesterday 9:04am

Smoke, Flares, Riot Police In Belgrade Derby Make For Haunting Photos

Partizan and Red Star met today for the premier rivalry in Serbia's SuperLiga. The fan atmosphere was the real star. From these photos, you can see the countless flares billowing unending stacks of smoke into the stands and on the pitch, all in front of the numerous riot police. It all combines for some amazing shots: » 10/18/14 6:03pm 10/18/14 6:03pm

What Baseball's Most Famous Brawl Photo Didn't Show You

It's been 49 years since Giants ace Juan Marichal clocked Dodgers catcher John Roseboro with his bat. The moment was captured in Neil Leifer's iconic photograph, which in turn shaped the collective memory of the incident. Today, Marichal is remembered as the villain, Roseboro as the helpless innocent in the… » 8/22/14 3:37pm 8/22/14 3:37pm

Scenes From America's Triumphant Loss To Germany

A whole lot of people watched today's U.S.-Germany match, and we're not just talking online viewers or whatever the television ratings turn out to be. Legions of USMNT fans gathered on location in Recife, at the Fan Fest on Copacabana Beach, in D.C.'s Dupont Circle, in Cincinnati's Fountain Square, in Chicago's Grant… » 6/26/14 4:45pm 6/26/14 4:45pm

No World Cup Viewing Party Is Cozier Than Berlin's

Throughout the World Cup, fans will be watching games in a "World Cup Living Room" set up on the pitch of FC Union Berlin. The organizers, inspired by a fan chant about the stadium being their home, set up the grass with end tables, lamps, and it all amounts to one of the more special atmospheres I can imagine. » 6/13/14 1:05pm 6/13/14 1:05pm