Violinist Appealing Olympic Ban For Fixing Giant Slalom Races

A British pop violinist is appealing a four-year ban for fixing giant slalom races that allowed her to qualify for the Sochi Olympics. » 12/06/14 3:30pm 12/06/14 3:30pm

Russian Skier Remains Paralyzed After Sochi Crash

Maria Komissarova, suffered a fractured vertebra and a dislocation when she crashed during a practice run for an Olympic ski cross race on Feb. 15. Two surgeries later, she still can't feel the lower half of her body. » 2/26/14 11:06am 2/26/14 11:06am

Female Radio Host: I Was Nearly A Human Trafficking Victim In Sochi

Brittney Cason, a radio host based in Charlotte, thought she had verified every aspect of the supposed reporting gig offer for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The situation still felt sketchy to her, so she searched further, and that may have saved her from being a victim of human trafficking. » 2/25/14 9:36pm 2/25/14 9:36pm

Do The Olympics Really Screw The Best NHL Teams?

Since the Nagano Olympics in 1998, NHL players have played Olympic hockey, and NHL coaches have bitched about NHL players playing Olympic hockey. It punishes and best teams, with the best players, they say. But is there any evidence to actually back this up? Well, it's complicated. » 2/25/14 2:46pm 2/25/14 2:46pm

Sochi's Most Memorable Moments As Rendered By Old-School Video Games

We're loath to see the Sochi Olympics go—truth be told, a few of us are starting to miss Nightmare Bear—so we enlisted the help of old video game consoles to help recreate some of the Winter Games' most memorable moments. Hockey, freestyle skiing, curling—they're all here, backed up by an NES, a Sega Genesis, PSX, and… » 2/25/14 2:40pm 2/25/14 2:40pm

Is Time For Give NFL, NBA, MLB, And NHL Medals, Olympic-Style

Even though our gaze has drifted back home after being fixed out in Sochi for so long, we still have Olympics on the brain. Yes, that means we're still making "Is Time For" jokes in bad Russian accents, but it also got us thinking: what would it look like if we awarded medals instead of trophies in team sports? » 2/24/14 5:04pm 2/24/14 5:04pm

Dominica's Fake Ski Team Scammed The Olympics And The Press

After the opening ceremony, the Olympics were one long ungroomed trail for Gary di Silvestri and Angelica Morrone, the most-publicized husband-and-wife carpetbagging oldies act in cross-country-skiing history. » 2/24/14 4:55pm 2/24/14 4:55pm

Athletes Who Ate It At The Olympics: A GIF Gallery

The Sochi Olympics are over. Whether that makes you sad, happy, or apathetic, we hope you enjoy this compilation of all the athletes who ate it in pursuit of national glory. » 2/24/14 4:09pm 2/24/14 4:09pm

"He made reference to one of the last scenes, when the slightly terrifying bear mascot shed a single tear for the close of the Games. He traced a line from his eye down his cheek with his finger. 'I was like bear,' he said. I was like bear, too, at that point." Katie Baker's final dispatch from Sochi is a treasure. » 2/24/14 1:16pm 2/24/14 1:16pm

So, Which Countries Had The Worst Olympics?

After the usual agonizing about who's winning the Olympics—Do you use medal count or gold count? What about something weighted? WHAT ABOUT GDP?—Russia made things relatively easy at the end of the day, seemingly establishing itself as the consensus winner. » 2/24/14 12:06pm 2/24/14 12:06pm

NBC Edited Out 38% Of The Closing Ceremony. Here's What You Missed.

It's no secret NBC makes significant edits to its tape-delayed broadcasts of Olympic ceremonies. We've never seen them leave out as much as they did last night, though, in excising more than 50 minutes from an already brisk Sochi closing ceremony; that left U.S. viewers seeing less than 62% of the event. We tracked… » 2/24/14 8:45am 2/24/14 8:45am

Canada's Men's Hockey Team Celebrates Second Straight Gold

Even though the United States lost, the men's hockey tournament at the Winter Olympics continued, for some reason. Canada shut out Sweden 3-0 for their second straight gold medal. The result produced a few excellent photos of jubilant Canada players. » 2/23/14 2:12pm 2/23/14 2:12pm