The NFL Wants Two Teams In Los Angeles

The Los Angeles stadium game is getting serious: this week, NFL owners will hear two different proposals for new stadiums in L.A. And as the Los Angeles Times revealed yesterday, each stadium would be designed to hold two different NFL teams. » 3/23/15 9:32am 3/23/15 9:32am

Report: Eagles Trade Nick Foles To Rams For Sam Bradford

The Eagles are close to getting themselves themselves another quarterback, acquiring Sam Bradford from the Rams in exchange for Nick Foles, with unspecified draft picks changing hands, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. » 3/10/15 4:11pm 3/10/15 4:11pm

AEG Invokes Terrorism In Bid To Halt Rival Inglewood Stadium Project

Sports conglomerate AEG has pursued the construction of an NFL stadium in Los Angeles for over a decade, and it has become clear that they'll resort to a hilariously deplorable campaign of dirty tricks to ensure that a competitor's stadium doesn't get built. » 2/28/15 3:09pm 2/28/15 3:09pm

Inglewood Decides Not To Let Public Vote On Rams' Stadium

"We need to do the will of the people and we need to do it tonight," said the mayor of Inglewood, Calif., moments before fast-tracking approval for construction of a football stadium for the Rams so that the people will never get to vote on it. » 2/25/15 9:50am 2/25/15 9:50am

The Chargers And Raiders Threaten To Move To Los Angeles Together

The Los Angeles bogeyman has always served the NFL well; its mere invocation has been enough to earn many a team a publicly funded stadium. But now we're finding out what happens when too many teams make a play for that leverage at the same time: chaos. » 2/20/15 8:55am 2/20/15 8:55am

The Taxpayer Extortion Playbook: How To Ignore The NFL Playoffs Today

While all attention focuses on this afternoon's two championship games, the NFL is quietly and methodically running its taxpayer extortion playbook on the people of St. Louis. The Los Angeles trump card, the NFL's longtime key leverage in stadium negotiations, is being deployed with particular oomph. » 1/18/15 12:05pm 1/18/15 12:05pm

Rams Owner Who Just Bought Land In L.A. Is Ignoring St. Louis

It appears that St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is pulling out all the stops in an effort to terrify the city of St. Louis into believing it is about to lose its NFL team. Not only has he purchased land suitable for an NFL stadium in L.A., he's also refusing to speak to St. Louis city leaders who are trying to… » 1/08/15 9:49am 1/08/15 9:49am

Report: Rams Owner Bought Land, Threatening To Build L.A. Stadium

Going by a Los Angeles Times report posted early this morning, Rams owner Stan Kroenke is set to saber-rattle the fillings right out of the city of St. Louis. Kroenke got his hands on 60 acres of real estate adjacent to the old Forum in Inglewood, and has made plans to combine it and the 238 acres next door to build a… » 1/05/15 8:39am 1/05/15 8:39am

The NFL Will Not Move A Team To Los Angeles For 2015

The three most likely NFL teams to move to Los Angeles—the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, and St. Louis Rams—will be staying where they are next season. All three of those teams have expiring leases with their current stadiums, but the NFL won't move a franchise to L.A. until a permanent site for the team is… » 12/20/14 5:30pm 12/20/14 5:30pm

Pete Prisco Very Adamantly Does Not Understand Probabilities  

The most impactful decision in tonight's heinously boring Thursday Night Football contest between St. Louis and Arizona came with 6:10 left in the game. St. Louis, down 12-3, had 4th and goal on Arizona's 1-yard-line. In a situation where the Rams needed both a touchdown and a field goal to win, Jeff Fisher opted to… » 12/12/14 1:02am 12/12/14 1:02am

Thank God That Cardinals-Rams Game Finally Shut Up And Died

Jim Nantz earned his per diem Thursday tonight when he diagnosed, during the final moments of the drudgery that was Cardinals-Rams, what a throwback this game was. » 12/12/14 12:35am 12/12/14 12:35am

Jeff Fisher Taunts 'Skins With RG3 Trade Haul Before Game

The Rams shut out the 'Skins 24-0 today, but St. Louis head coach Jeff Fisher punked Washington before the game even started. » 12/07/14 5:15pm 12/07/14 5:15pm

The St. Louis Rams Have Nothing To Be Sorry For

You don't call Mike Francesa's radio show unless you are upset, and probably also otherwise damaged in some way. A person who is doing fine, thanks, does not run some avant-garde hear-me-out-Mike trade—Nothing crazy, just Eli Manning for a couple of first-round picks and a couple of second-round picks—past a… » 12/05/14 3:29pm 12/05/14 3:29pm

Black St. Louis Cops Organization Commends Rams Players

In response to the St. Louis Police Officers Association's demand that a handful of St. Louis Rams players who took the field in a "hands up, don't shoot" pose be punished for making a "tasteless, offensive and inflammatory" gesture, the Ethical Society of Police—an organization for black police officers in St.… » 12/03/14 1:37pm 12/03/14 1:37pm

Mike Ditka Says He's "Embarrassed" For "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Rams

Crappy leather-faced old man Mike Ditka has taken to the pages of the Chicago Sun Times to hit us with his take on the Ferguson protests, as well as the decision by a few Rams players to express solidarity with the protesters by walking onto the field in a "hands up, don't shoot" pose. » 12/03/14 9:07am 12/03/14 9:07am

The Ludicrousness Of St. Louis Rams Vs. St. Louis Cops, By Jon Stewart

We've become accustomed to all this by now, but since not everyone can catch The Daily Show it's become our responsibility to bring it to you: the inevitable takedown of this weekend's ridiculous apology-non apology about the St. Louis Rams doing "Hands up, don't shoot" before their game Sunday. » 12/03/14 1:07am 12/03/14 1:07am

Colbert Lampoons Reaction To The Rams' "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Intro

Stephen Colbert waded into the mess surrounding the St. Louis Rams players who came out to player introductions against the Raiders on Sunday in the "hands up, don't shoot" pose, and the subsequent demand from the St. Louis Police Officer's Association that the Rams apologize. The bit is quite funny (despite the… » 12/02/14 10:17pm 12/02/14 10:17pm

St. Louis Rams Call St. Louis Police Liars

A St. Louis Rams executive apologized (Update: he denies apologizing, see below) to police on behalf of the team's front office for players' use of the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" gesture before Sunday's game—a gesture that left St. Louis cops demanding punishment for the players. » 12/01/14 10:30pm 12/01/14 10:30pm

St. Louis Cops Declare Rams' "Hands Up Don't Shoot" To Be "Offensive"

St. Louis police officers condemned the NFL's Rams today, calling their pre-game display of the "hands up don't shoot" gesture to be "tasteless, offensive and inflammatory." The lengthy statement issued by the St. Louis Police Officers Association demanded Stedman Bailey, Tavon Austin, Jared Cook, Chris Givens, and… » 11/30/14 10:22pm 11/30/14 10:22pm

Rams Players Enter Field With "Hands Up, Don't Shoot"

St. Louis Rams players recognized this week's Ferguson protests with an emphatic gesture during player introductions when several members of the team's receiving corps entered the field in the "hands up, don't shoot" pose. » 11/30/14 1:48pm 11/30/14 1:48pm