College Ump Takes Nasty Foul Tip Straight To The Mask

Home plate umpire Jim Garman got absolutely rocked by a foul tip in today's West Virginia-Texas baseball game. The swing from Michael Cantu deflected the ball directly into Garman's face, knocking his mask off and sending Garman to the dirt. After a minute of being examined by both team's trainers, however, Garman got… » 3/15/15 2:59pm 3/15/15 2:59pm

MLB Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt Sat Down For A Pre-Game Interview

MLB umpires rarely sit down with the media, however umpire Hunter Wendelstedt gave Todd Kalas a peek into this year's biggest game changer – the instant replay. Instead of being salty that technology was taking part of his job, Wendelstedt praised the positive impacts that instant replay has made on the game. » 9/03/14 12:00am 9/03/14 12:00am

Here Are The Goofiest Baseball Umpires Ever Caught On Video

Some of these umpires call balls and strikes like Frank Drebin; others call like they're passing a kidney stone. All of them are funny. » 8/15/14 11:54am 8/15/14 11:54am

Umpire Takes A Foul Ball To The Chest, Flexes

MLB umpire/country music singer Joe West wasn't nimble enough to avoid Stephen Vogt's foul line drive in Tuesday night's A's-Mets game, so he ended up taking a ball right to the chest. West didn't have the protective equipment of a home-plate umpire, but he was fine. » 6/25/14 11:35am 6/25/14 11:35am

Adam Jones Takes Out Umpire While Running To Second Base

Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt took a hard fall during Saturday's Blue Jays/Orioles game when Baltimore outfielder Adam Jones went for second base on an error. Ow. » 6/15/14 3:40pm 6/15/14 3:40pm

Umpire Taps Torii Hunter In The Face After Benches Clear

Umpire Paul Nauert gently slapped, or tapped, Torii Hunter in the face tonight during Detroit's game against the Orioles and it's kind of a strange thing. It seems harmless—obviously he did not injure Torii Hunter—but if the roles were reversed, and Torii Hunter put his hands on an umpire, we'd be discussing whether… » 5/12/14 11:37pm 5/12/14 11:37pm

Terrible Umpire Laz Diaz Taunts Shawn Kelley Into Getting Ejected

Baseball is full of pointless indignities, but the fact a player can be ejected from a game he's already, by rule, barred from re-entering is one of the most impotent. With that impotence in mind, here's professional MLB umpire Laz Diaz goading Yankees pitcher Shawn Kelley into getting ejected. » 5/06/14 9:20am 5/06/14 9:20am

MLB Replay Reviews Took An Average Of 1:39

In the 13 games played on opening day, managers took advantage of MLB's new replay review system to challenge four calls, with a fifth coming from the umpires themselves. Two of them were overturned, but just as importantly, the reviews were conducted quickly—the shortest in 0:58, the longest in 2:30, and an average… » 4/01/14 6:05pm 4/01/14 6:05pm

When Do Umpires Mess Up Balls And Strikes Calls?

Baseball umpires are not immune to psychological biases, and it's an old adage of baseball commentating that strike zones get smaller when there are two strikes, and larger when there are three balls. In their Sloan finalist paper "What Does it Take to Call a Strike? Three Biases in Umpire Decision Making," authors… » 2/25/14 2:08pm 2/25/14 2:08pm

MLB Is Adding Manager Challenges To Its Replay System

Major League Baseball has announced that the players' and umpires' unions have approved a substantial expansion of the league's current replay system. In short, baseball is getting an NFL-style challenge system, because it's deeply important to always get the call right unless the manager has already disputed a play… » 1/16/14 3:03pm 1/16/14 3:03pm

MLB Approves Instant Replay; Here's How It Will Work

At the owners' meetings in Orlando yesterday, MLB's 30 owners unanimously approved funding for an extensive instant replay system to be implemented for 2014. From a practical standpoint, this means we now have our first official description of what the system will look like. » 11/15/13 9:31am 11/15/13 9:31am

What Dana DeMuth's Blown Call Means For Instant Replay

The next time someone argues that instant replay will unacceptably slow down baseball, remember this: Between the umpire conference and Mike Matheny's argument, it took four minutes and 26 seconds to get an obvious call right. » 10/24/13 10:01am 10/24/13 10:01am

Longtime MLB Ump Wally Bell Dies

Veteran umpire Wally Bell passed away in his Ohio hometown last night, apparently after suffering a heart attack. Bell, 48 years old, had 21 years of MLB experience and had most recently worked the Cardinals-Pirates NLDS. » 10/15/13 1:03pm 10/15/13 1:03pm

This Umpire's Strike-Three Call Is "Whoomp There It Is!"

Via former MLB pitcher Mark Mulder, who told Busted Coverage that Bobby Crosby, his former A's teammate, sent it to him. Crosby's brother, a scout in Northern California, took the video. There it is. » 10/10/13 6:15pm 10/10/13 6:15pm

Brian O'Nora Is A Tough Sonofabitch

Home plate ump Brian O'Nora took a ball right in the throat protector during the seventh inning of last night's game. After gathering himself, and making sure his larynx hadn't been crushed, his first words were: "That's ball four." » 8/19/13 11:36am 8/19/13 11:36am

Baseball's New Replay System Will Include Manager Challenges

The expanded use of instant replay in MLB that was reported yesterday has officially been announced, and we now know exactly will trigger a review. It'll come down to manager challenges, and not everyone's happy about that. » 8/15/13 3:46pm 8/15/13 3:46pm