Since Jay Williams's interview—in which he accuses teammates on the 2002-03 Chicago Bulls of smoking pot before games—ran in The New York Times, we have been covering the story with all the attention it deserves. Because who else will, you know?

We mentioned earlier today that we put in a call to Fred Hoiberg, former Bull and current head coach of the Iowa State Cyclones. Hoiberg just called us back, on his way to practice.

"I can't believe I have to take time out of my schedule to say I didn't do anything. I'm getting ready to play Texas," he said.

Well, did he smoke pot before Bulls games? "No, never, that's ludicrous." Never how? Never smoked pot before Bulls games, or never at all? "Never at all. Never in my life." Hoiberg then said he had to run to practice, and he ended the call.


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