What the hell's going on here? The Bulls just beat the Miami Heat 93-86 and, well, what in the hell is going on here?

With 2:58 left, Nate Robinson hit two free-throws that gave the Bulls an 83-82 lead and they never looked back. Robinson took it to the Heat in the final three minutes, scoring nine of Chicago's final 12 points and assisted on the balance, a three-point shot from Belinelli.

Oh, and earlier in the game, Robinson was spitting up blood after LeBron James rolled over him as they both lunged for a loose ball.

We're not getting ahead of ourselves, Miami still has the best player in the game and lesser teams steal a game in a seven-game series all the time. But still, who saw that coming from a team that more closely resembles something slapped together by MacGyver than a squad put together on purpose by an actual NBA general manager?


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