Ryan and Janna Willmaser got married last weekend. Ryan and Janna are big Seahawks fans. This is, I suppose, the natural outcome of things: lots of neon green, and wedding vows that included swearing to love the Seahawks forever and ever, til death do you part.

Believe it or not, this wasn't the initial plan.

"Janna liked a nice spring green and black for the wedding colors, so when we were out shopping for the guys shirts, naturally the lime green kept pulling me in,” said Ryan. “I guess the human mind gravitates toward what it thinks about most.”

Ryan, a dedicated tailgater, took it from there. The groomsmen (and the reverend) wore personalized Seahawks jerseys. There was a 12th man flag. The blue-and-green garter was stretched around a football and thrown into the crowd. The reception included cornhole and ladder golf. The honeymoon is on hold—the couple hopes to go to New York for the Super Bowl in February.


Janna's only been attending games for three years, so she had to prove her loyalty. A sampling of their wedding vows:

Reverend: Will you love her in a box? Will you love him and the Seahawks?
Ryan: I will love her in a box!
Janna: I will always root for the Hawks!

Oh god.

Some more photos of the day, by Jane Gershovich of JaneG. Photography:

Photo credit: Jane Gershovich/JaneG. Photography. Visit her site here, and her Facebook page here.