Pittsburgh police are still looking for a third suspect in connection with the weekend stabbing of Steelers tackle Mike Adams, who was released from the hospital yesterday after a pair of surgeries, including one for a lacerated colon (ouch).

But the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has discovered some rather ironic ties for one of the alleged assailants:

Among the suspects arrested in connection with the weekend stabbing of a Steelers player was a rising rapper who appeared in the music video for Wiz Khalifa's hit song "Black and Yellow."

Dquay Means, 26, of Hazelwood goes by the stage name Quay Meanz and recently signed to Wiz Khalifa's fledgling music label.


Means identifies as part of the Taylor Gang, a loosely knit group of people who hang out with Taylor Allderdice [High School] alumnus-turned-rapper Wiz Khalifa. He is the latest artist to sign to Wiz Khalifa's fledgling label, TGOD, which stands for Taylor Gang or Die, and was listed on the lineup in March for the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, which gains national attention each year. Nearly 12,000 people follow him on Twitter.


Wiz Khalifa wrote "Black and Yellow" as a hip-hop anthem for the Steelers, and Means was in the video. Means is not the alleged stabber; the still-at-large third suspect is. But any involvement in stabbing a Steelers player has to warrant getting kicked out of the Taylor Gang, right?

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