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Harvey Araton of The New York Times must have woke up sometime last week and said, "What's a new angle on this Phil Jackson story? There has to be one. I know ... I'll interview a Buddhist. In Cleveland. They have to have one, right?" Apparently, they do, and Araton interviews him about Phil Jackson potentially coming to Cleveland. His name is Dean Williams, and even though he works for a "company that underwrites workers' compensation services" by day (our prediction: he's a janitor at an ambulance chaser), by night he's the priest and leader of the Jijuyu-ji Zen Group of Cleveland. He says Big Chief Triangle should come to Cleveland and lead LeBron James to multiple titles. He also says Cleveland is cool than people think. He also is a janitor at an ambulance chaser. Right now, Dean Williams is showing his boss this story; "See! I told you the church in my basement was real!"

Juicy Offerings For The Zen Palate (New York Times)